Performance Fabrics Have Taken the Fabric Industry by Storm

If you’ve ever decorated space, you know how time-consuming and potentially expensive it can be. You don’t want to have to purchase furniture or re-style your whole house every few years due to unavoidable stains, scratches, or mildew. That’s why more and more people are talking about performance fabrics and performance fabric furniture. Innuwindow has 8 feet of wall space dedicated to performance fabric books so you can choose between a wide variety of performance fabric furniture that can stand the test of time. Continue reading to find out if performance fabric furniture is the best fit for your home.

What Is Performance Fabric Furniture?

Performance fabric furniture is furniture that is built to withstand the wear and tear of every-day life. Furniture made with performance fabric can handle spills and dirt while making cleaning easier. Technology has even come so far as to not sacrifice softness or style for durability. Performance fabric furniture is appropriate for outdoor or indoor use and there are a variety of different types of fabric it can be made from. 


What Are Performance Fabrics?

Performance fabrics are threads that either has inherent stain resistant qualities or have been chemically treated.  There are several different kinds of performance fabrics, each with different performances. Most commonly, performance fabrics are those that possess qualities such as water resistance, mildew resistance, stain resistance, antimicrobial, UV blocking, and durability. Not every fabric has all of these qualities so it’s important to choose the right fabric for your home.  

What Is the Most Durable Fabric for Furniture?

For a long time, leather has been considered to be the most durable material for furniture, but as technology advances, so do fabric performances. Now, engineered fabrics are the most durable choices for furniture. Scratch, stain, sun, water and stink resistant means that you can make a furniture purchase that will last a lifetime.  

What Is Crypton Performance Fabric?

Crypton is an engineered textile that is a stain, water, and bacteria resistant.  With no heavy metals, toxic chemicals, or carcinogens, Crypton fabric is a naturally resistant fabric that is made possible through its weaving and barrier design. Due to this crystallizing process, there are Crypton fabrics that are made from several different kinds of materials like cotton, polyester, and rayon. This variety of material enables you to choose a Crypton fabric that is the right fit for each room and every style. 


Is Polyester Good Furniture Fabric?

Polyester is a synthetic material made from a petroleum-based product called ethylene terephthalate or PET.  PET is essentially a plastic and therefore it has both pros and cons. Although polyester is essentially water-proof and stain-resistant, it has very poor breathability. For this reason, polyester is usually mixed with a softer and more breathable material like cotton for comfortable furniture.  However, mixed fiber fabrics tend to pill within a year. Overall, polyester is a good choice for outdoor furniture but would be beaten by other more comfortable fabrics for indoor furniture. 

What Is the Best Sofa Fabric?

The best fabric to choose for your sofa depends on the needs of your household and where the sofa will be.  If you have kids, pets, or are looking for a fabric for your outdoor space, then a performance fabric could be the right choice for you.  If you are looking for a performance fabric for outdoor furniture, a water-proof and UV blocking material like polyester or acrylic may work best.  If you are looking for a sofa fabric for your sunny reading nook, Crypton, Sunbrella, or Ultrasuede might be the right fit. Not only do they offer durability, but also are breathable and stylish. 


If you don’t have to choose between beautiful and durable, then don’t! Consider re-upholstering or buying furniture with performance fabrics. There are many different kinds of performance fabrics that offer their own advantages.  Go to InnuWindow today to choose from an incredible variety of performance fabrics.  A professional designer will work with you to pick the right fabric for you or help you re-upholster existing furniture with a performance fabric.