Custom Roller Window Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades allow you to precisely control the amount of privacy and sunlight because of their unique design. The bands alternate between sheer and solid so that when solid bands overlap, you will have privacy and a dark room, but when the sheer bands are lined up, diffused light will filter into the room.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades Features:

  • Available in different sizes, colors, textures and patterns
  • Control over privacy and room-darkening

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades installed in living room

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades have a clean appearance and provide great versatility. They look beautiful in both minimalist spaces and traditional settings. If you need to reduce glare and are worried about UV protection, Hunter Douglas Designer Roller shades are a great option.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades Features:

  • Over 330 fabrics ranging from sheer to opaque
  • An array of top and bottom treatments, including fabric valances
  • Custom Clutch operating system features sleek, modern hardware coupled with precision-tuned lift technology that delivers smooth operation
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades by Hunter Douglas update the classic roller shade by gently diffusing light through an innovative curved shape, providing ambiance and character while dispersing light. Purposefully engineered to distribute light and conserve energy, the curved cellular construction provides an energy efficient layer to your home, insulating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades Features:

  • Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades by Hunter Douglas are available in four fabric collections in trend-setting colors.
  • Three 100% cordless operating systems are available for the Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades.
  • The Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades are designed and custom-crafted in the U.S.

Color Lux Roller Shades

This exciting color program has completely reinvented how you choose colors for your custom window treatments. Our Color Lux Roller Shades feature exceptional quality fabrics to bring a clean, elegant look to your home.

Color Lux Roller Shades Features:

  • The FeatherTouch Cordless System allows users to raise Color Lux Roller Shades with the lightest touch of a finger.
  • Fabric wrapped rails and end caps provide a seamless appearance from top to bottom.
  • Provide great light control in any room, with light filtering and blackout options.
  • Can easily be paired with soft treatments, such as draperies, cornices, and valances.
  • With 804 color choices, Color Lux Roller Shade offers the widest range of colors options.
Window Curtain

Decorative Fabric Custom Roller Shades by Carole

Decorative Fabric Roller Shades by Carole have the clean look of a roller shade with the choice of thousands of fabrics.  Carole has an extensive collection of decorative fabrics and most can be used in these shades including textures, jacquards, linens, and more.

Carole Decorative Fabric Custom Roller Shades Features:

  • Large selection of decorative fabrics that can be used with embroideries, and prints.
  • Easy to use and childproof
  • Choose light-filtering or blackout
Printed Roller Window Shade

Printed Roller Window Shade

Custom printed roller window shades can be used for commercial or residential use. There are so many uses of a custom printed window shades. A logo for your business, advertising for a storefront or even personal photos can be printed on a shade.  These characteristics make this shade the ultimate shade for customization possibilities. 

Printed Roller Window Shade Features:

  • Anything can be printed on a window shade
  • Available with solar screen and blackout fabrics
  • Completely customizable!

Cordless roller window shades are safer for children, come in a variety of colors, and usually cover large windows easily.  This classic style can also be budget-friendly. Find tips for decorating with roller window shades in this post.

FAQs About Custom Roller Shades

What Makes Custom Roller Window Shades Perfect for Windows?

Roller window shades are the perfect decorating solution for any room. The simple lines and versatile style make this design extremely flexible. Roller shades can be elegant or uncomplicated, so they fit easily into any style or décor.

Why choose custom roller shades to decorate a room?

There are a number of reasons to choose roller window shades for your windows. The design is sleek and simple, so roller shades can be combined with other window treatments like drapes for an added layer of privacy or light protection. Roller window shades are cost-effective, so you can get exactly the style and color that you are looking for without having to compromise. This allows you to perfectly match the roller shades to your interior décor.

Roller shades fit easily into your windows, and they can be customized to a variety of different window sizes, offering you complete privacy and protection for your home.  Additionally, cordless roller shades are safe for homes with pets or children, because they don’t have cords or cables that can pose a threat to your little ones.

How do you clean roller window shades?

Roller window shades require cleaning and upkeep like anything else in the home, but luckily it’s minimal. If you have vinyl roller shades, you can clean them using a vacuum or dust them with a rag. Then you will use a simple solution of water with dish soap in it, wipe the shades down, and then dry them thoroughly.  For other roller shades, you can use your vacuum to clean them and remove any dust that you see. Most shade fabrics are resilient and can probably be spot-cleaned using a non-abrasive soap.  Always read the cleaning instructions before applying a cleaning solution to your shades.

Are roller window shades expensive?

Roller window shades are not only extremely versatile, but they are also very budget-friendly as well. You can decorate your home for much less than you would spend on other window coverings like blinds or shutters, without sacrificing the style and utility that you want.

Can you see through roller window shades at night?

Like other window treatments on the market, roller window shades are as transparent or opaque as you want them to be. If you have rooms that don’t need protection, you can choose a fabric that is lighter or even transparent, so your roller window shades can let in light all day long. Rooms at the back of your home or rooms that you don’t use in the evening might be good candidates for more translucent shades. If you have rooms that need privacy, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, you will want to opt for an opaque fabric so that your home isn’t left vulnerable to prying eyes.

Tips for decorating a room with roller window shades

There are many ways to decorate with roller window shades. Before you begin any project, you should evaluate your home and decide what colors will go best with the interior design that you have. Roller window shades come in a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and patterns so you will be able to find any style that you are looking for. Roller shades can also be ordered with a decorative cassette headrail which encloses the roller and has a matching fabric face.  Roller shades can also be mounted in fascia boxes or even in your ceiling if the room is built to accommodate them. Remember to choose opaque fabric for rooms where you need extra coverage, like bathrooms or bedrooms.

What Are The Options For Color Lux Roller Shades?

  • Three fabric Choices
    • Classic Duck Roller Fabric: Color Lux Roller Shades produced with Classic Duck Fabric provide rich, vibrant colors that are fade-resistant. Classic Duck is available in light filtering and blackout options.
    • Linen Roller Fabric: Linen is available in all colors for Color Lux Roller Shades. The woven texture of linen offers a classic look. Linen is also available in light filtering and blackout options.
    • Solar Screen 5 Fabric: This fabric option has the appearance of linen and provides energy efficiency and UV protection. This fabric provides the perfect balance between privacy and light control and is 100% PVC-free.
  • Linen and Classic Duck fabrics
  • Light filtering or blackout options
  • Operating systems:
    • With cord
    • Cordless
    • PowerTouch™ Rechargeable (A hybrid between cordless and motorized options)
    • Motorized

What Makes These Banded Shades So Unique?

The alternating sheer and solid bands create the perfect ambiance of layered light! There are many options to add your personal touch and really make a statement.

Choose from:

  • Bold fabric colors
  • Three different band heights
  • Two different geometric styles and the basic rectangular band

Customize your banded blind color and texture by choosing from neutral colors like beige, grey, brown and ivory, or muted shades of green, red, blue, and pink. Various texture options add depth to these banded shades.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades also are available in small, medium, and large shade heights. This way you can choose the amount of privacy and light even more. With the large height bands, you will achieve the most unimpeded views out of your window.

You also have the option of choosing between 4 different shade operating systems offered by Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades come with either PowerView Motorization, UltraGlide, SoftTouch Motorization, or a Continuous Cord Loop. We recommend the motorized shade options because they are the most convenient.

  • PowerView® allows you to set a schedule for shade movement throughout the day that you can control with your tablet, smartphone or a smart-home compatible system. There is also a remote control.
  • UltraGlide® provides safety for children and pets with its single retractable cord and wand for raising and lowering banded shades.
  • SoftTouch™ Motorization provides battery power to easily move shades with a touch. There are no cords that can harm children or pets.
  • Continuous Cord Loop works like a pully to raise or lower the banded shade.

How to top off your Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades

A fabric-wrapped header in a square design creates a sleek top treatment. You can also choose between eight custom hardware colors.

Designer Banded Shades are designed and custom-crafted in the U.S. Best of all, every window treatment from Hunter Douglas is covered by their lifetime limited warranty.

Orientation Horizontal
Widths 12″ – 107″
Heights 16″ – 120″

What Are The Height/Width Options for Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades?

Orientation Horizontal
Widths 12″ – 116″
Heights 12″ – 120″
Automate your roller shades with Hunter Douglas POWERVIEW® MOTORIZATION with one button touch! POWERVIEW® MOTORIZATION allows you to use a remote control or your mobile device to operate all your blinds and shades. Now you can raise and lower all your blinds and shades at preset times of the day or night. If you have a lot of windows this can be very convenient.

What Are the Benefits of Designer Roller Shades by Hunter Douglas with GreenScreen® PVC-Free Fabrics?

Hunter Douglas fabric collections include high-performance window shade fabrics with PVC-free polyester containing up to 78% Repreve® recycled material. Compared to making these fabrics with virgin polyester, Hunter Douglas Repreve® uses 50% less water, 6% less energy, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by over 34%. Repreve® is made in the USA and GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

What Are the Benefits of Hunter Douglas Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades?

Update your home with the Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shade by Hunter Douglas, a roller shade that provides your home with style and energy-efficient design. The Sonnette has a unique design that allows your home to conserve energy that is typically lost through the windows.

The cellular construction of the Sonnette™ creates an extra layer of protection between the roller shade and the window glass. This cell shape traps air and helps to contain it, forming a barrier that maintains the temperature of your home by preventing the loss of air conditioning and heat through the window. This unique construction makes the Sonnette™ an energy-saving option for homeowners who are looking for a smart and stylish design.

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