Motorized Window Treatments

What are Motorized Window Treatments?

Motorized window treatments are the elegant solution for both adding convenience to your lifestyle and upgrading your home. Instead of pulling each blind up and down to control the light multiple times a day, you can simply press a button on a remote control, your smart device, or use the voice activation commands.

Homes today are designed to be more safe and environmentally conscious than ever before. Motorized window treatments mean one less thing to worry about because you no longer have to keep an eye on all of the dangling cords that can be a hazard when children and pets decide to play with them.

How do Motorized Window Treatments work?

As the name suggests, motorized window treatments from Innuwindow use a small motor to open and close shades, blinds or drapes. Built seamlessly into the track or the roller tube, the motor is virtually undetectable and can be activated on demand via remote control or conveniently automated.

For remote operation and automated schedule programming of your motorized window treatments, the Hunter Douglas’ PowerView automation system available at Innuwindow uses your home’s Wifi network to communicate with your other smart home features. When a hot and humid day activates the cooling system, through your smart-home system, the motorized window treatments can be activated to close and block out the sun’s heat, keeping your home cool and conserving energy.

Innuwindow offers two types of power sources for motorized window treatments depending on your home design and needs. The motor can be directly connected into the home’s electrical wiring or they can be battery operated with alkaline or an environmentally friendly rechargeable wand that fits discreetly along the windows edge.

What types of Motorized Window Treatments are Available at Innuwindow?

Innuwindow offers the latest in motorized window treatment technology with single touch activation and completely automated systems in styles and designs suited for every home and your unique needs. Most window treatments can now be automated. Some examples are:

  • The POWERVIEW® AUTOMATION system is connected and operated via the Pebble t remote or from an app on your smartphone, tablet or home system for voice activation. This system allows you to schedule automatic timeframes for your motorized window treatments to open or close.
  • The SOFTTOUCH™ MOTORIZATION system features the “touch-and-go” motorized window treatment technology. This system is battery powered and activates with a simple push on the wand. This is a favorite among homes with children or pet safety concerns.
  • The LIGHTLOCK™ Blackout Shade System is the only shade that provides a truly blackout experience with the sophisticated Duette Honeycomb Shades for your room. These shades work superbly when automated using the PowerView® system.
  • The VERTIGLIDE™ motorized window treatment is ideal for sliding glass doors, a room divider or other side-to-side dividing needs. These vertical honeycomb fabric shades both filter light and darken a room for privacy and can open left, right or together meeting in the center.
  • MOTORIZED VERTICAL BLINDS are made with fabric or vinyl panels hanging vertically and can also be opened and closed with a single touch.
  • SKYLIFT™ motorized window treatment system is the answer for controlling the amount of light and glare from your skylights. These window treatments are typically battery powered and operated with the PowerView system.

Are Motorized Window Treatments Reliable?

You’ve always relied on your alarm clock to wake you up and now you can rely on motorized window treatments for your home’s security, safety, and energy efficiency. Just because they have a motor doesn’t mean they are any less reliable than other types of window treatments. You can rely on the fact that, with the touch of a button or the tap of a smartphone app, your blinds will close giving the perception to passersby that you’re home. With the simplicity and ease of pushing a button, you’ll block out harmful UV sunlight with your motorized window treatments to conserve and cut energy costs each month. Just remember to charge batteries when necessary for continuous reliability!

How Long do Motorized Blinds Last?

With the smooth and consistent rotation of a motorized window treatment, there is minimal chance of breaking, slipping off tracks, or getting stuck with knots like there is when non-motorized window treatments are hastily opened or pulled. With almost no handling of the components, oils, perfumes and moisturizers from your hands no longer affect the integrity of the blinds, drapes and shades or their cords and strings. Automated shade motor warranties range from five to seven years.

Rechargeable battery wands are the most environmentally friendly, lasting up to a year on a single charge and recharging within a couple hours. A longer yet finite motor battery option is powered with C-size batteries lasting up to 3 years before replacement is needed. While the batteries will need to be replaced from time to time, motorized blinds and shades will last in your home for years!

What are the Best Motorized Window Treatments?

The best motorized window treatment is one that fits your lifestyle. If your home life demands functional convenience and reliability with an elegant style, check out Hunter Douglas and other motorized window treatment options and styles. Call 508.650.9922 or contact Innuwindow today to set up your free design consultation!