Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Shades

Shades are a very popular type of motorized window treatment because they can enhance the safety and heat efficiency of your home. In fact, shades can block harmful direct sunlight from entering your home to aid in keeping it cooler during the summer months. Motorized shades represent the ultimate in convenience, allowing homeowners to open or close them at just a press of a button or a simple voice command to instantly increase your privacy or the light in the room. There are many, many design options for motorized shades available at Innuwindow – learn more!

Motorized Shades

Motorized Blinds

As a motorized window treatment, blinds can add a refined, elegant feel to your home. Motorized blinds can be manufactured from various materials with stylish finishes in addition to their motorized functioning. The advantage of motorized blinds is the ability to adjust the slats to allow various intensities of light into your room.

Motorized blinds can be programmed to adjust automatically throughout the day to allow diffused light to enter but block harmful direct rays. Motorized blinds are easy to install and are also much safer for homeowners with small children and pets.

Motorized Drapery

The motorized window treatments category, of course, includes motorized drapery and curtains! With motorization, drapery moves effortlessly along the drapery track. As a benefit, motorized drapes eliminate the need for chains and cables while providing a safer and more streamlined look. Motorized drapery also takes the work out of adjusting heavy window treatments in high or hard-to-reach areas.

Motorized Solar Shades

Solar shades are a game changer for reducing glare and protecting your home from harmful UV rays. In windows that receive large amounts of direct sunlight, solar shades can reduce fading on your carpet, furniture, and paint. The great thing about motorized window treatments is that they can be programmed based on the time of day to adjust the sunlight entering your home.

Motorized solar shades are effective in managing temperature, moderating heat gain/loss, and reduction of glare while optimizing natural light. To maximize comfort, motorized solar shades can be programmed based on external conditions through climate sensors and timers.

Motorized Solar Shades

Options for Operating Motorized Window Treatments

Operating your motorized window treatments has never been easier. At Innuwindow, we offer motorized window treatments that are easy to program and operate. Motorized window treatments can be wired, wireless, or battery-powered. Wired power options can be either hard-wired, wired into the home’s electrical system, or simply plugged into a nearby receptacle.

Our Hunter Douglas products are operated by the PowerView Automation system. PowerView puts the convenience of motorized window treatments in your hands. PowerView systems are battery-powered and adaptable to whatever your operational needs are:

  • Pebble Remote Control
  • Voice activation with smart-home systems
  • PowerView App

In addition, PowerView is compatible with the most popular smart home systems.

Outside of PowerView, we also carry motorization options from Horizon Window Fashions and Lutron!

Drapery Hardware for Motorized Window Treatments

Decorative drapery hardware can enhance your window treatments. Hardware for your motorized window treatment is no different, as there are many choices to coordinate with your home’s style. There are many different style options for motorized drapes that add motorization by utilizing a motorized track. Three key components are used in this design:

  • The track
  • The motor
  • The controller

There are limitless options to meet all of your motorized window treatment needs. Contact one of our window treatment specialists to schedule a free design consultation today.

What are the Best Motorized Window Treatments?

The best motorized window treatment is one that fits your life and style! If your home life demands functional convenience and reliability with an elegant style, check out motorized window treatment options and styles from Innuwindow. Call (508) 650 – 9922 or contact Innuwindow today to set up your free design consultation!

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