Fabric Window Treatments

Custom window drapes for interior
Custom Cornices

Custom Cornices

A cornice is a versatile design: a box-like wooden valance covered in fabric and mounted to the wall above the window.  The box can be made to fit any width and embellished with banding or trim options that can add architectural interest.


rod pocket drapes

Rod Pocket Drapes

Rod pocket drapes are a stylish and beautiful window treatment solution. This classic curtain design provides an extra layer of elegance by allowing the fabric to drape gracefully from the rod. The curtain rod is inserted into the back of the drapes and remains unseen.

Ripplefold Drapes

Ripple Fold Custom Drapery

Ripple fold custom drapery, also referred to as ripple fold curtains, is a clean, sophisticated take on a track system. These ripple-like folds are so soft that it flows smoothly to and from each end of the track. The curtain panels snap directly into the carriers and fold evenly to create the identical ripple effect to give it fullness. 

You can find ripple fold custom drapery most commonly in the hospitality industry, in hotel and banquet rooms. This style of curtain is designed to easily open and close and cover larger window areas, like glass balcony doors. However, you can place ripple fold curtains over any residential window opening that you choose!


curtains for doors

Door Side Panels

Door Side Panels, sometimes called sidelight panels, are custom-made. They are typically crafted using sheer fabrics.

tie top curtains

Custom Tie Top Curtains

Tie top curtains are popular for their distinct look compared to other curtains. Tie top curtains have fabric loops, or eyelets, on the top edge of the panel.

Grommet curtains panels

Custom Grommet Drapery

Grommet curtains are also known as ringed panels because they have attached rings on the top edge of the fabric panel. These types of curtains are easy to use because the rings smoothly slide along the rod when opening or closing the curtains. Grommet curtains come in various styles, colors, and fabrics that can also fit any kind of window shape.


Cafe window curtains

Cafe Curtains

Cafe Curtains are custom-made to cover the lower part of a window. Choose between sheer or semi-opaque fabrics that can be lined or unlined.


Adeline emboridered border drape

Adeline embroidered border drape is a sophisticated look for any room. Dressing your window is made easy since this in our special order premade drapery panels program. The Adeline embroidered border drape has the look and quality of custom panels without the wait of fabricating and expense of custom. These panels have a rod pocket and a tab back which gives the illusion of custom pleat for easy installation. Each of the premade panels has a 4″ rod pocket which can accommodate rod up to 2″ in size.

This drape is constructed in a linen-cotton blend and has an embroidered scroll to frame a window with style. This drape is sold in pairs and lengths of 96″ and 108″.  The Adeline embroidered border drape is available in three colors.

Window Curtain

Floral Print Linen Sheer Curtain

Floral Print Linen Sheer Curtain is made out of 100% Linen. This grey and yellow printed floral will brighten any room. Available in lengths of 84″, 96″, 108″ and 120″
They are unlined with 4″ Rod pocket. 1″ side hem and 4″ bottom fold
Since it is linen dry clean only is recommended.


Custom Panel Program

The Custom Panel Program is our top-selling option at Innuwindow.  Chose from an infinite number of options to customize your drapes.

  • Nine pleat and header styles
  • Dozens of different fabrics in hundreds of colors
  • Different finished length options
  • Numerous lining options
  • hand-crafted in New England.

Starting at $130 per drape (up to 90”)



Cordoba Velvet Applique, Navy

Velvet applique that works on faux silk curtains, complete with rod pockets and lined with weights.


Talia Grommet Panel Taupe

Talia Taupe is a horizontal, varying striped, semi-sheer with eight grommets and 1″ side hems and 3″ bottom hems.


100% Polyester


Machine wash cold/line dry



Swiss Dot

Sheer linen, Swiss dot, embroidered curtains with rod pockets and back tabs.


Sheer White Fraying Work Panel

Sheer, unlined, linen curtains with fraying work and rod pocket with back tabs.


Gold Lurex Curtain

Lurex Linen Sheer unlined curtains with weighted rod pockets.

window Curtain

Linen Sheer Turquoise, White Stripe

A sheer linen, unlined, striped curtain with rod pockets.

Available in 51″x 96″; special order 51″x 84″ and 51″ x 108″


Wheat Sheer Linen Curtain

A solid, unlined, sheer linen curtain with rod pockets.


Asphalt Sheer Linen Curtain

An asphalt-colored, sheer linen curtain, unlined and with rod pockets


Window treatment

Open Weave Linen White

An open-weave linen panel with rod pockets.


In stock 96″ in White and Ivory; special order in 84″ and 108″

window curtain

Twine Loop Linen Panel

A sheer linen panel with horizontal stripes of looped twine.


Fabric window treatments can transform a space by adding warmth, style, and personality. Depending on the treatment it could also add privacy and light control. Whether it be simple or elaborate let our designers help you choose the perfect treatment for you’re home. With the thousands of fabrics and window treatment styles, we will help you through the process with confidence to add the perfect treatment for your home. Bring in a paint chip, photos of our space, or anything you like to coordinate with and we’ll do the rest all for FREE!

How To Choose Fabric Window Treatment?

Choosing a window treatment can be challenging. There are so many styles available and you want to make sure that you are selecting the best option for your home. One of the most popular options is fabric window treatments. Curtains and drapes are unique because they are extremely versatile, and they come in many different colors and designs. Depending on your space, you will have the option to choose how sheer or opaque you would like the material to be, and you have the option of selecting a custom-made window treatment that matches the exact color of your home’s interior. With fabric window treatments you also have the option of selecting from an array of different patterns, which is not something that is possible when dealing with shutters or blinds. In addition to the range of different colors, there are many different fabrics to choose from as well. Most importantly, fabric window treatments are easy to care for. You can simply remove the curtain or drape from its rod for easy cleaning. Not only is this convenient but regular care will help to extend the life of your window treatments.

Fabric Window Treatments by Innuwindow

Fabric window treatments can transform a space by adding warmth, style, and personality. With a wide range of fabrics to choose from, you can decide on the level of privacy and light control you would like in your home. Let our expert designers help you choose the perfect fabric window treatment for your home. With a large selection of styles, we will help you through the process of selecting the color and pattern you want, and custom fitting your window treatment to ensure that it’s perfect. Bring in a paint chip, photos of your space, or anything else to help us coordinate the color scheme and we’ll do the rest all for FREE!

Top Features:

  • Light Control
  • Light filtering
  • Privacy
  • Easy Operation
  • Easy to Clean