Specialty Shades

Duette LightLock System

Duette LightLock System

LightLock by Hunter Douglas is the newest operating system for Duette Honeycomb shades and offers 100% total darkness.  LightLock has a patent-pending side channel design featuring rows of specially shaped micro-ridges optimized to absorb or deflect incoming light.

Duette LightLock System Features:

  • It is a tremendous improvement over blackout shades.
  • Lightlock has exclusively used with Duette® Architella®honeycomb shades to trap cold air and provide additional insulation to control heat and save on energy bills.
  • Available with LiteRise® and PowerView® Motorization.
TrackStar Skylight Shades

TrackStar Skylight Shades

The Trackstar 701 series is designed specifically for sloped applications including skylights and glass ceilings. Trackstar Shades are folding shades with stays placed every 7 to 8 inches and with tracks that hold the shade in place.  Solar-screen fabrics are recommended because of their pliable characteristics and resistance to water and sun fade.

TrackStar Skylight Shades Features:

  • These shades can be operated with a motor or with a telescoping wand and track lock.
  • An ideal product for unique specialty applications, these shades fold back neatly into a stack when the shade is retracted.
  • They offer protection from heat and glare as well as improved energy efficiency.



The soft, elegant fashion and function of Hunter Douglas Specialty Shades make them a remarkable window covering, a truly unique innovation. Textured fabrics in a palette of delightful colors transform from cascading folds to contoured vanes or Signature S-Vane™ allowing a softened outside view through the sheer backing, while also providing excellent ultraviolet protection.

FAQs About Specialty Shades

How Pirouette® Window Shades Are Constructed?

The hobbled shade is a type of roman shade with the material draped in the front in a teardrop shape. This is often referred to as a teardrop shade and is a popular shade design. With the construction of the Pirouette® Window Shading, Hunter Douglas has created an updated version of the hobbled shade. Rather than the folded fabric of the hobbled shade, the Pirouette® Window Shading is composed of vanes that are gently contoured to allow light to filter in. The innovative design was constructed to block out destructive UV rays while still providing light and ambiance in the home.

Are Solera® Soft Shades by Hunter Douglas worth it?

There are many benefits to Solera® Soft Shades by Hunter Douglas, including increasing your home’s energy efficiency and protecting your furniture and possessions from harmful UV light damage. Because most of the heat in homes is lost through the windows, Solera® Soft Shades by Hunter Douglas with insulating pockets, help to keep the heat inside the house. Alternately, the shades also help keep the house cool in the summer, by blocking the sunlight from warming up the house. Over time, Solera® Soft Shades by Hunter Douglas pay for themselves.

Solera® Soft Shades by Hunter Douglas Product Details

  • Available in light-filtering and room-darkening fabric opacity options.
  • Operating systems including standard EasyRise™, UltraGlide®, LiteRise®, and PowerRise®
  • Shades may operate either top-down or bottom-up and are available on all operating systems
  • Designed and custom-crafted in the U.S.
  •  Lifetime limited warranty by Hunter Douglas
Fold Sizes 4″
Widths 16″  135″
Heights 15″  108″

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