Designer Roman Shades for Windows

Roman Shades

Batten Back Roman Shades

The Batten-Back Roman Shades for windows is are a popular variation on the flat Roman shade. This style works great in solid and striped fabrics. The batten-back aligns well with contemporary and transitional decor. This fabric shade can be ordered with a child-safe, cordless mechanism.
Custom only and available in thousands of fabrics.

Batten Back Roman Shades Features:

  • Complements contemporary and traditional decor
  • Customizable in thousands of fabrics
  • Available with child-safe cordless mechanism
ribbed front

Batten Front Roman Shades

The Batten-Front Roman Shade is a contemporary take on the classic, flat Roman shades for windows. A structured style with distinct horizontal pleats that add dimension, the Batten-Front Roman Shade has doweled pockets on the front of the shade hold support rods to form a decorative pocket. Batten Front shades work best with solid or textured fabrics. They can be made with blackout lining for bedrooms and can include a child-safe, cordless system.

Batten Front Roman Shades Features:

  • Distinct horizontal pleats add depth
  • Has doweled pockets on the front that hold support rods
  • Made with blackout lining
Casual Roman Shade

Casual Roman Shades for Windows

Casual Roman Shades are a classic yet versatile look that can be used in any room. These designer roman shades are recognizable by the relaxed fold with a slight sag in the middle that forms as the shade is raised. An unstructured and casual version of the flat Roman shade, this style works great as a decorative treatment that may be raised and lowered occasionally.

Casual Roman Shades Features:

  • Offers versatility
  • Relaxed fold with a slight sag in the middle
  • Can be used in any room
Flat Roman Shades

Flat Roman Shades for Windows

A simple, timeless design that showcases an array of fabrics, especially recommended in patterned fabrics. Flat Roman shades for windows have several benefits that make it a great choice for windows: it protects from outdoor heat and sunlight, they are easy to use, versatile, energy efficient, and easily customizable.

Flat Roman Shades Features:

  • These shades are unique in that they can be used in any room, either formal or casual. 
  • They also provide better temperature and light control than other varieties of shades. 
  • Cordless roman shades are known to be the safest window treatment option available, and they can be operated remotely. 
  • Roman shades for windows are good options for windows where curtains can’t be installed due to limited space. 
hobbled roman shade

Hobbled Roman Shades

Hobbled Roman shades are a traditional design that features cascading folds for the fullness. Built with folds four to six inches apart, hobbled Roman shades are a great choice for any fabric, however they are usually not recommended for patterned fabrics. These shades work well on both large and small windows and can be made with blackout lining for bedrooms and may include a child-safe, cordless system.

Hobbled Roman Shades Features:

  • Traditional design featuring cascading folds for fullness
  • Works for both large and small windows
  • Option for blackout lining

Hunter Douglas Vignette® roman shades

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Roman Shades

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas are beautiful, practical, and available in a range of styles and fold size. These are a perfect alternative to traditional Roman shades, with the benefit of no exposed rear cords for improved aesthetics and child safety. Choose from an extensive collection of Hunter Douglas Vignette roman shade styles and fabrics  available at Innuwindow.

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Roman Shades Features:

  • Available in sheer, light-filtering, and room-darkening fabric options
  • Four distinctive fabric-covered headrails
  • Choose from operating systems: standard EasyRise™, UltraGlide®, LiteRise®, and PowerRise®
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up design options
  • Designed and crafted in the U.S.


London Roman Shade

London Roman Shade

The London Roman Shade is a traditional style Roman shade that can be raised and lowered. London shades work best on single width windows.

London Roman Shade Features:

  • Custom only and available in thousands of fabric options.
  • Work best on single width windows

Roman Shades have the softness of curtains with the functionality of blinds, and they can work almost anywhere. Our designer roman shades are available in a variety of styles from classical flat roman shade to a fuller hobbled style. They can be manufactured in almost any fabric.

FAQs About Designer Roman Shades for Windows

What Are the Benefits of Flat Roman Shades?

Flat roman shades offer a simple and timeless design, particularly in patterned fabrics. Increasing in popularity, their simple lines and minimalist style makes them the perfect addition to any room. Flat roman shades are an elegant, stand alone window covering. However, they may also be layered with other window treatments, such as valances or drapes, for a more dramatic effect. With many fabric, color, and design options available, flat roman shades can be fashioned to match your existing decor. Easy to adjust and allowing you to filter light, material may be sheer or room darkening. Blackout linings can be added for privacy, while a child-safe cordless system is ideal for families with small children and pets. All-natural woven shades, a trending design, are available as flat roman shades or hobbled roman shades. Eco-friendly, they are constructed of high-quality rich natural materials offering flexible light control and charm. Batten-front roman shades, an alternative to flat roman shades, are another beautiful alternative for your home’s windows. They combine structured style with distinct horizontal pleats that add dimension and character to a room.

How Do Flat Roman Shades Make Your Windows More Attractive?

Flat roman shades are an increasingly popular type of window treatment. Because of its simple lines and minimalist appearance, the classic design works well with any decorating style. The flat roman shade can stand alone as a fashionable alternative to window coverings such as curtains or blinds, or it can be layered with other window treatments such as valances or drapes. Flat roman shades can work in any room of the house, from kitchens and bathrooms to living and dining rooms. You can choose how sheer you would like the fabric to be and they come in many different colors and designs, so it’s easy to match your existing interior. Flat roman shades are perfect for controlling light flow in a room, and since they are effortless to adjust, they are the perfect solution for high-traffic areas where the light is constantly changing. When privacy is required, the shade can be pulled completely down, and an optional lining can ensure that you have complete privacy.

What Makes Flat Roman Shades Ideal For Your Home?

The flat roman shade is a simple, timeless design that showcases an array of colors and patterns and is available in several different fabrics. These shades can be made with blackout linings for bedrooms, bathrooms, or other areas where privacy is desirable. There are also several shade options that come equipped with a child-safe, cordless system, so you don’t have to worry about children or pets. The classic look of the flat roman shade is a perfect addition to any room. Depending on the features and functions that you want, you are able to select from different styles and choose the shade that best fits your needs. The understated elegance of a flat roman shade is ideal for anyone who is looking for a sleek and minimalist design to add character and style to a room.

What is a Hobbled Roman Shade?

Hobbled Roman shades look just like regular Roman shades for windows, except that the shade has horizontal pleats or hobbles at regular intervals, giving it a fuller look. A hobbled roman shade actually doesn’t look much different than a flat roman shade in the raised position. But it is unique in that it keeps its folds even when lowered. Hobbled Roman shades achieve this look with support rods that are concealed in the pockets of each fold.
Hobbled Roman shades are great for both small or large windows or multiple windows in a room. Because they are made with extra fabric, they are effective in blocking out light and heat. The folds on hobbled Roman shades create depth that flat Roman shades are unable to achieve.

What are the Best Roman Shades for Windows?

Roman shades for windows have a long history and have literally not gone out of style in centuries! So the Roman shades you select today look just as current years from now. There are over twenty different types of Roman shades, including flat, relaxed, and hobbled Roman shades.

Flat Roman shades are the most popular type of Roman shade because of their simple elegance. They can be made from all sorts of fabrics and colors and create a traditional look in the room.

Roman shades for windows tend to hang in a curved manner so that they are longer in the middle when they are raised, giving a more casual-chic design.

Hobbled Roman shades have waterfall-like folds for a soft look. When raised, the fabric stacks up at the bottom, creating a clean, tailored look that looks good in both formal and informal interiors. This soft ruffle will help homeowners create some depth in the look of their window treatments.

Innuwindow Offers a Variety of Designer Roman Shades for Windows

Innuwindow will help you choose the right style of designer roman shades for your particular situation. Designer Roman shades can be made with insulated linings for drafty areas. Blackout linings provide complete privacy when the shade is pulled down, ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Designer Roman shades for windows may be fabricated to fit a variety of over-sized and specialty windows. Innuwindow’s designer roman shades, including flat roman shades, may be customized based upon desired functions and features. Roman shades for windows will transform your home’s interior and accent your windows. Contact us at 508.650.9922 or via our website to find out more about our roman shades. There are stylish and functional options available for every home and every room.

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