Solar Shades For Windows

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Insolroll Solar and Sun Shades

For commercial and residential use, Insolroll offers interior solar screen shades. Solar sun shades control overheating caused by intense natural light. The ability to control the light and maintain a view of the exterior make solar shades a uniquely appealing choice. Solar screens are made from  woven mesh fabrics anc come in a variety of densities and colors. 

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Insolroll Patio shades

If the outdoor living spaces like patios, pergolas, porches, decks, and balconies are west-facing, they can be too hot to enjoy on summer afternoons. Oasis Patio Shades are designed to keep spaces cool and comfortable. We offer a huge range of exterior roller shades that offer protection from glare, heat, and UV rays. A wide selection of fabrics, hardware, and finishing options allow the perfect, unique solution for any home or business.

Exterior Patio Screen Shades

Exterior Patio Screen Shades

Block the sun not the view with exterior Patio Screen Shades from Innuwindow.

Exterior Patio Screen Shades Features:

  • Retractable and UV-resistant exterior patio screen shades that block the Sun’s rays and keep you comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • The screen shade fabrics are PVC-coated fiberglass or polyester.
  • Each screen shade has a mesh ranging in openness from 3% to 48% allowing the amount of glare and heat reduction you need for your outdoor living space.
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Solar Shades

Solar screen fabric is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and openness factors. You can also choose an openness level that will determine how transparent your shades are, how much sunlight they let in, and how energy efficient they’ll be.

Solar Shades Features:

  • Controls natural light levels, reduces glare, and still gives a beautiful view.
  • Made of a solar screen mesh fabric woven with special characteristics that give them their “openness.”
  • The fabric color and density affect the shade’s ability to control sunlight, heat, and glare.
  • Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays

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Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas

Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas are solar shades that provide UV protection while enhancing your outdoor view. Designer screen shades are perfect for a room that needs privacy while still allowing the light in. 

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades Features:

  • Opacity options ranging from sheer to opaque 
  • Choice between 88 fabrics in traditional, natural, and soft fabrics styles 
  • A variety of operating systems that including: PowerView®, LiteRise®, UltraGlide®, SoftTouch™, Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop, Dual Roller
  • A number of design options like the Harmony Program™ that coordinate with Skyline®


Solar Window Shades make your home more comfortable, decreasing both heat and glare while maintaining the view and the connection to nature and the outdoors. Solar Shades reduce cooling costs and can be used alone or layer with drapes or valance treatments.

FAQs about Solar Shades for Windows

Can You See-through Solar Shades from the Outside?

While solar shades for windows are made from an open-weave fabric that is see-through from the inside, people passing by on the outside will not be able to see into your home through your solar shades; however, at night when the lights inside your home are turned on, this is reversed. These shades provide optimal privacy and views during the day but the opposite at night.

How Long Do Solar Shades Last?

Solar shades for windows use specific, heavy-duty fabrics that are extremely resistant to wear-and-tear. You can expect your shades to last up to fifteen to twenty years or more, depending on the specific fabric from which they’re made.

Are Solar Shades For Windows Easy to Maintain?

Interior solar shades can be easily adjusted, removed, and maintained. For general cleaning, you can use a warm, soapy cloth to wipe down your solar shades. Then, leave them down so they can dry completely. For cleaning exterior shades, we recommend taking them down temporarily and scrubbing them with warm, soapy water and a scrub brush.

For optimal use and protection, we recommend paying close attention to where you place your shades. You want to install them on windows in rooms that receive a lot of daily sunlight. Generally speaking, south-facing windows receive the most sunlight in the mornings as well as during the day, so placing your shades on any south-facing windows will give you the best bang for your buck. These shades can be placed on almost any type of window as well.

Do Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades Offer UV Protection?

Available in varying levels of opacity, Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas block 86% – 99% of harsh sun rays while protecting household objects and furniture from sun damage. Limiting exposure to UV rays, the five opacity options range from most view/least privacy to minimal view/maximum privacy. State-of-the-art engineering results in flawless and smooth operation. With PowerView® Motorization technology, you can control and schedule your Designer Screen Shades with a mobile or voice activated device.

Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas provide energy efficiency and privacy in an innovative design. The shades are not only easy to use, but are an attractive addition to your home decor. Combining beauty with functional design, designer screen shades accommodate many types of windows, transforming the look of your home and your rooms. Designer screen shades may be customized with top or bottom treatments, finishing the look. Additionally, there are options for specialty shaped windows such as bay windows, corner windows, and bow windows.

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