Interior Vinyl Shutters

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters

Palm Beach™ Shutters, with the advanced DuraLux finish, combine the beautiful look of a painted shutter with the unmatched durability of polysatin. Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters are great for extremely hot and humid climates, and perfect for bathroom showers too.

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters Features:

  • Three fashionable DuraLux™ finish colors
  • Three framed or unframed rectangular systems
  • Wide range of framed and unframed specialty shapes
  • Designed and custom-crafted in the U.S.



Interior vinyl shutters are a chic and practical option for home window treatments. Increasing in popularity, custom interior shutters are a smart choice for a number of reasons. They are more resistant to moisture than other materials, and they do a great job of blocking light and sound, keeping your home quiet and cool. Fitted into the window frame itself rather than hanging from it as traditional blinds do, vinyl shutters offer a sturdier option for custom window treatments.

FAQs About Interior Shutters

Why choose interior vinyl shutters to decorate a room?

Choosing interior vinyl shutters allows you to create a beautiful window effect in your rooms. This classic design is increasing in popularity and gives rooms a natural look, as opposed to fabric window treatments like curtains or blinds. Interior vinyl shutters are fitted right into the window frame, so they are effective at darkening your room when closed. This makes them ideal for bedrooms when you want to keep the sunlight out. Interior vinyl shutters are a chic and popular window treatment style that is really gaining traction. You can elevate your home’s style and increase its value with the addition of shutters.

How do you clean interior vinyl shutters?

Unlike fabric window treatments, it’s extremely easy to clean vinyl shutters. First, use a vacuum attachment to run over the shutters, making sure that they are free from dust and debris. Then, fill a bucket with warm water and add just a small amount of mild dish detergent. You can then use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to lightly wipe down the louvers. Once you have wiped them down, rinse your cloth thoroughly in clean water and wipe them down again, making sure that all detergent residue has been removed. There are cleaners available specifically for vinyl shutters on the market, but they are not required for cleaning. Always steer clear of any harsh or abrasive cleaner, as they can ruin the finish on your shutters.

Are interior vinyl shutters expensive?

Custom interior shutters are a cost-effective option for your home. One of the main advantages of vinyl shutters is that they cost less than wooden shutters but still offer the same functional design.

Are custom interior shutters better than blinds?

There are several reasons to choose custom interior shutters over blinds. Vinyl shutters are more resistant to moisture than other window treatments. They seal tightly into the window frame, which helps to protect rooms from noise or light. The absorbent material and installation type reduce sound much better than other types of window treatments, which makes them ideal for areas with traffic noise.

How Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters Are Made?

Polysatin shutters (also known as vinyl shutters) are made from a hollow vinyl plastic that’s extremely durable and energy-efficient. The material is UV-resistant and resists warping, cracking, fading, chipping, and peeling even when exposed to intense sunlight and moisture. Polysatin shutters last a long time without warping, splintering, or discoloring like wood can. Polysatin shutter components snap together for easy installation and easy repairs.

What Are The Benefits of Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters?

Water Resistant: The polysatin compound in Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters is resistant to moisture and mildew, so they work well in damp and humid spaces like bathrooms.
DuraLux™ Finish: Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters have the look of painted shutters with a matte finish.
Durability: Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters are very strong and long-lasting due to interior aluminum bracing and resin blocks.
Motorized: Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Shutters are the only available motorized shutter, which allows for hands-free operation. In addition, there is an override feature for the manual operation that won’t damage the motor.

What Are The Pricing for Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Polysatin shutters?

Because the windows in your home have unique sizes and unique needs, it’s best that you collaborate with a window-treatment specialist, like the Boston-area window treatment experts at Innuwindow. Their expertise will ensure your design goals and your budget goals are met. Rather than a one-price-fits-all solution, each quote for Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ shutters takes the following factors into consideration:

  • Window sizes
  • Product, material, fabric and color selection
  • Operating system
  • Additional design requirements

Hunter Douglas offers a lifetime guarantee that Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ shutters will never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor.

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