Rugs & Area Rugs

When you think of decorating your home, you probably don’t often think of your floors! However, accessorizing and incorporating rugs and area rugs into your home is an excellent way to create distinct areas of focused, intimate spaces and add to your interior design while promoting the function of the space, comfort, and warmth.

At Innuwindow near Natick, Massachusetts, we carry a wide range of area rugs from Dash and Albert and want to share the many ways with which our customers may enjoy the vibrance and dimension these gorgeous runner rugs, area rugs, and indoor/outdoor rugs can bring into a room with their gorgeous patterns and colors.

Incorporating Area Rugs into your Home

Depending on the age, layout, and design of your home, you may have a variety of flooring types throughout your space such as hardwood, carpet, or vinyl flooring. What all flooring types have in common is that they can be elevated and decorated with the addition of an area rug.  Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes and serve a variety of benefits and functions, from bringing a pop of color to a neutral living space or providing coziness and warmth in a master bedroom with hard, cold floors. At Innuwindow, we carry stunning and functional area rugs from Dash and Albert, and our team cannot wait to help you find the right area rugs to complement your home.

Founded in 2004 by Annie Selke, Dash and Albert believes your home should be happy, because life happens there! And with their colors and natural materials including cotton and jute rugs, Innuwindow is proud to offer an extensive array of their custom sizes, including stair runners.

Different Styles of Rugs from Albert and Dash

Rugs can complement many spaces in your home, from living rooms to bedrooms to hallways and stairwells. Depending on your needs, our team can help you find the right type of rug for your home.

Area Rugs, Dash and Albert Rugs, rugs, outdoor rugs, runner rugs near Natick, Massachusetts (MA)

Area Rugs

While a general term, area rugs are meant to be places in a common area in your home. They can serve a variety of purposes, from covering flooring imperfections to protecting valuable hardwood to serving as a design element. Our team can help you find the right sized area rug for any space in your home.

Accent Rugs, Dash and Albert Rugs, rugs, outdoor rugs, runner rugs near Natick, Massachusetts (MA)

Accent Rugs

Accent rugs can also vary in size but tend to serve more of a design or functional purpose than a typical area rug. Accent rugs can stand alone or be placed near or under furniture, but tend do catch the eye and add a touch of interior design to your floors, an area of your home that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Runner Rugs, Dash and Albert Rugs, rugs, outdoor rugs, accent rugs near Natick, Massachusetts (MA)

Runner Rugs

Runner rugs differ from area rugs in the fact that they tend to be significantly narrower, often meant for hallways or corridors. Runner rugs can serve an ornamental purpose to add dimension and color to a hallway or can serve a more functional purpose to protect water, dirt, and dust from the rest of your flooring.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs, Dash and Albert Rugs, rugs, outdoor rugs, accent rugs near Natick, Massachusetts (MA)

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

If you are looking for rugs that will work for indoor and outdoor needs, look no further than Innuwindow. Our team can help you find the perfect rug for any indoor/outdoor requirement you may have.

Why You Need Area Rugs from Innuwindow

1. Area rugs can bring comfort and warmth to a space.

Rugs add an element of warmth to any space and can increase comfort drastically.

2. Rugs can decrease the noise level of your home.

In homes with hard surfaces, area rugs can decrease echoes and noise and promote a peaceful environment in your home! Area rugs, just like carpet, absorb more sound than traditional tile or hardwood.

3. Rugs can serve as a grounding element for furniture.

If you are looking for something to help ground your furniture so that it does not move, consider adding an area rug to your space!

4. Area rugs can attract pollen, dust, and dirt.

While it is not fun to think about, your home may be filled with dust, dander, or other pollutants, and area rugs can help collect those pesky particles, so they are not in your air.

5. Area rugs can use color to tie different design elements together.

If you have design elements in your home that do not necessarily match, incorporating an area rug with both color schemes can tie your home’s design together!

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Bringing color, texture, and warmth into your space with area rugs will ensure that your home is an ideal environment that maximizes your comfort and expresses your style! In addition to rugs and area rugs, Innuwundow provides blinds, shades, shutters, drapery, window treatment motorization, furniture, upholstery, and more!

Contact us today to talk to a member of our team about incorporating area rugs into your interior design.  Innuwindow proudly serves Natick, Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Framingham, Waltham, Sudbury, Walpole, Worcester, Wellesley, Quincy, Groton, Wayland, Watertown, Marlborough, Weston, Needham, Hopkinton, Ashland, Belmont, Westwood, Lexington, Brookline, Dover, Sherborn, Winchester, Medfield, Holliston, Concord, Carlisle, Somerville, Norfolk, Lincoln, Southborough, Waltham, Walpole, Milton, Bolton, Watertown, Marlborough, and Harvard, Massachusetts.