Custom Reupholstery and Slipcovers

Custom Reupholstery and Slipcovers

Fabric for Reupholstering Furniture in your Home

Fabrics for reupholstery are specially made to enhance the longevity of furniture over time. This is mainly used for pieces like chairs, couches, outdoor furniture, and pillows.

There are various quality fabrics available for reupholstering, from light to heavy-duty. Choose the type of reupholstery fabric to suit your needs from our vast selection.

Fabric for Furniture Reupholstering:

  • Fabric for reupholstery has a variety of uses in residential and commercial projects
  • Huge selection of upholstery fabric options to suit your needs. From floral to performance fabrics, you will find what you need
  • Customizable by type, color, design, and size

Why Reupholster Your Furniture?

The furniture you buy is an investment, and taking care of it can greatly prolong the life of your home furnishings. Reupholstering your furniture is one easy way to preserve your sofas and chairs over time. Different components of your furniture age differently – Fabric is going to wear and tear more rapidly than the wooden or metal components inside. But wear and tear doesn’t mean that your furniture is no good anymore; it just means that it needs a makeover!

There may be other reasons why you might choose to add a slipcover or reupholster your furniture rather than scrapping it for something new. Maybe that piece of furniture has sentimental value, and you can’t bear to part with it. Maybe your style has changed, or the color scheme in your home is different, and you want your furniture to reflect these changes. It makes economic sense to revitalize your furniture rather than purchase an entire new piece. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for certain: reupholstering your furniture can bring new life into your sofa or chair and bring a new look to your home!

When should you Reupholster your Furniture?

While there may be some emotional reasons why you choose to reupholster your furniture – such as a change in taste or sentimental attachment – there are also practical reasons dictating when it is appropriate to reupholster items in your home. For example, if you begin to notice substantial wear and tear or damage to your furniture, or if the cushions are no longer comfortable to sit on, it may be time to consider reupholstering your furniture. Reupholstering furniture is also a good option when you begin to notice persistent smells or stains that you cannot get rid of. When this happens, consider options for adding a slipcover or reupholstering your furniture.

How does the Furniture Reupholstery Process Work?

After working with Innuwindow’s design consultants to find the perfect fabric, craftsmen begin the reupholstery process by removing all fabric and foam inserts from the furniture piece. From there, new inserts are created to mimic the old ones recently removed and to fit flawlessly with the existing furniture frame. Once the foam is reinstalled, new fabric is custom cut to cover the furniture. This is the best part of the project because this is where you can tap into your own creative vision and pick a design that reflects your style and interior design tastes. Once this process is completed, the cushions will be more comfortable and the fabric will be clean, fresh, and undamaged. Your chair or sofa will appear brand new!

Slipcovers are a great Option for your Furniture!

A slipcover is a great option! A slipcover is a custom-made decorative covering that fits snuggly over your existing couch or chair. While slipcovers do not involve reconstruction work on the piece of furniture, they do cover up any stains or tears in the existing fabric and help boost the integrity of your furniture so that it lasts for a long time.

Innuwindow can help with slipcover and reupholstery projects. Contact us to learn more!

Mention a wide selection of “Performance Fabrics” available. Look for the sticker on all our fabric books that are performance fabrics.Performance Fabric

Where to Buy Fabric for Furniture Reupholstery?

Innuwindow offers a wide selection of durable fabrics for your home in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. The process is easy with free consultations with a design consultant at our store or in-home to find the perfect fabric for your furniture reupholstery project. Contact Innuwindow today and find out why we are Boston’s top choice for furniture reupholstery and fabric.

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