Everything You Need to Know About Performance Fabrics

For home’s with pets or kids, keeping furniture looking clean and fresh can be next to impossible as stains and spills are bound to happen.

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining. But will your outdoor furniture stand up to the wear and tear by kids and guests?

Well, we have great news! These inevitable stains just may be a thing of the past with performance fabrics. Thanks to the advanced development in last few years, there’s a whole new category of upholstery fabrics that can handle spills and stains with ease. Performance fabric, which was once the material of choice for awning, outdoor furniture and the marine industry, has drastically evolved into a comfortable, stylish option for indoor and outdoor furniture and decor. With performance fabrics, you no longer have to make the choice between furniture that is practical and furniture that is stylish.

What is Performance Fabric

The term “performance fabric” refers to any speciality fabrics that is designed to specifically withstand wear and tear while being simple to clean. The overall concept for performance fabric is longevity and simplicity. Your pets, kids, guests, and busy schedule are no match for the innovative, unique, and durable qualities of performance fabrics, which make them ideal for indoor and outdoor furniture.

How to Clean Performance Fabric Furniture

Performance fabrics’ innovative solution works by surrounding each durable fiber in order to deter spills and resist stains. When accidents do happen, which we all know they will, clean up is simple and worry free when treated immediately. For lighter spills, blot using a damp towel. For tougher messes, mix mild soap and water and clean with a towel.


The Benefits of Performance Fabric for Furniture

Performance fabrics are developed to be able to withstand even the most difficult of environments including extended amounts of time in direct sunlight or exposure to saltwater. The unique fiber formulation, UV blocking capabilities and finishing technologies have been put to the test and continuously prove it’s durability and overall high-quality performance.

Their high resistance to color fading or loss of strength is a feature that’s engineered into the fabrics’ fiber, it’s not a finish or spray-on treatments. It’s innovative engineering ensures that it will stand up to both light and chemical exposure. This means that any stains can be cleaned with common household cleaning products including chlorine bleach without causing damage. However, most spill can easily be cleaned up using mild water and water. Performance fabrics have no PFC chemical, which means they will never have to be re-treated and are inherently stain resistant for life.

In most households, the average life expectancy of new furniture is around five to nine years. That life span represents hundreds of parties, gatherings, and lounge sessions, all of which come with a significant amount of wear-and-tear potential. Performance fabrics can not only improve the life expectancy of your furniture but also keeps it looking clean and sharp for much longer.


What Furniture Pieces to Use Performance Fabric On

Even with all of it’s added performance capabilities, we’re confident that you wouldn’t be able to spot the difference between performance fabrics and regular furniture fabrics in terms of softness qualities. For this reason, you could use this innovative textile on any piece of furniture in your home. However, there are just a few place in particular that we feel performance fabrics really shine. Performance fabrics work great for those pieces in your home that are most likely to see spills and stains. Here’s some example:

  • Dining Areas- Performance fabrics are ideal for bar stools and dining chairs that get used daily.
  • Sunny Spots– Their unique fade resistant capabilities make them perfect for protecting furniture by a sunny window.
    Sofa and Ottomans- Frequently used sofa and ottomans are vulnerable to all kind of different stains and damage.
  • Desk Chairs– For those who work from home, your desk chair assumably receives daily, heavy use.Performance fabric is a good idea here.


Interested in Furniture Upholstery with Performance Fabrics?

Do you have a sound piece of furniture you would like to breathe new life into? With furniture reupholstery from Innuwindow, our team of professional designers will work with you to create a tailored, sharp, like-new piece of furniture that reflects your home’s decor and unique taste. Contact us today to learn more about our performance fabrics selection and furniture reupholstery!