Performance Fabrics

One of the few things more important than the fabric’s look and feel is its durability when it comes to upholstery. You need a fabric that looks good and will stay that way. Performance fabrics: woven, synthetic fabrics designed to keep up with life, both indoors and out.

Fabrics that can be used both Indoors and Out

Inside Out, Fabrics offer an All-In-One performance that

t can withstand all elements both inside and out. This new break-through technology in performance fabrics can satisfy all the needs of an active busy home or office and even withstand the outdoor weather. 

Inside Out Performance Fabrics® are available in the latest home decorator styles and are perfect for interiors, the sunroom, or the poolside.


InsideOut Performance Fabrics® are designed to withstand all of the elements, from the sunroom to the patio, to the family room. This incredible performance fabric achieves this level of durability without sacrificing comfort. This is truly a versatile fabric that looks and matches the beauty and comfort of indoor fabrics but also achieves the durability of traditional outdoor fabrics. InsideOut Performance Fabrics are easily cleaned with soap and water or bleach, fade-resistant, dry quickly, resist mildew, and are made in the USA.

Inside Out Performance Fabric Features

  • Stain Resistant: Because Inside Out Performance Fabrics® are colored on the molecular level, rather than just on the surface, it’s tougher for stains to enter the fibers. The dye molecules also prevent sun damage.
  • Liquid Resistant: Inside Out Performance Fabrics® are made liquid-resistant using the same process as many outerwear clothing brands, so they are both water-resistant and breathable. In addition, Inside Out Performance Fabrics® are quick-drying and resist mildew.
  • Easy to Clean: You can use soap and water or bleach. Also, common household cleaning products can be used without fear of discoloration or damage to the fabric.
    Eco-friendly Inside Out Performance Fabrics are made in the USA.