Window Treatment Options for Odd Shaped Windows

Not all windows are the same; they can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on privacy needs and the position of the sun, every homeowner has different needs and goals for their window treatments. Finding the perfect window treatment for the unusually shaped or large window can be a challenge. At Innuwindow, our expert designers work with you for customized window treatments to fulfill your needs and fit your irregular shaped windows perfectly, including:

Window Treatments for Large Windows

Large windows can let in a substantial amount of sunlight and provide clear views into your home. Due to their size, it may be challenging to find the right window treatment. Large windows require window treatments that are functional yet practical. Especially if you have a gorgeous view, you’ll want to have the ability to make your window treatment “disappear” to enjoy the vistas your large window provides.

For this reason, Roller Shades or Solar Shades are an ideal choice of window treatment for large windows. When raised, both Roller and Solar Shades roll up tightly at the top of your window, providing a virtually unobstructed view. Our custom shades always hang beautifully without creasing or flapping and are available with cordless and lift assist options.  Additionally, Solar Shades allow you to retain your view while having sun protection and varying levels of privacy.

In addition to shades, custom drapes also make for a great window treatment option for large windows, especially in more formal decors.

Arched Window Treatment Options

Do you have a sunburst, arched or eyebrow shaped window in your home? Don’t sacrifice style! Instead, coordinate or complement the window treatments you already have. Custom interior shutters or shades make for the best window treatments for arched, sunburst or eyebrow shaped windows and offer light and privacy protection.

Skylight Window Treatment Options

While skylights have many stylistic and design benefits, they can also let in unwanted heat and light from the outside and in winter they can be a major source of heat loss.   As skylights are on the roof of homes, they lay either horizontally or on a slant, which requires specifically designed tension or track shades. Consider Cellular Honeycomb shades with either a manual, switch or remote control lifting system for skylights. Honeycomb shades are known for being energy efficient due to their cell formation they can keep heat outside during summer and inside during the winter. They also are a great option for skylights because of their light filtering capabilities.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows Window Treatments for Bay Windows- Innuwindow

Bay windows are typically a focal point of a room and a large part of the architecture of a home. Therefore, they require a window treatment that highlights and draws attention to them. If you’re looking for a window treatment for bay windows that embellishes their appearance, consider:

  • Draperies– When placed on the ends of a bay window, drapery panels can widen the appearance of the window while unifying and defining their presence.
  • Valances– When placed above of a bay window, valances will visually connect the window while drawing attention to its unique three-dimensional area.

If you’re looking for a window treatment for bay windows that provide light and privacy control, consider:

All window treatments for bay windows should be measured and installed by a professional with great care so they fit correctly.

Wondering where to find window treatment ideas for odd shaped windows? Contact Innuwindow; we can help you create the perfect window treatment option for your home! Let our expert designers take care of the everything from measurement to installation for you, give us a call or stop by our Natick, MA showroom today.