Why is Reupholstery the Eco-Friendly way to Change up your Furniture?

Reupholstering your furniture is a great alternative to throwing away used pieces that could end up in landfills or incinerators. When you throw out old furniture, chemicals and metals can leak into the soil and increase the amount of bulk trash in landfills. Or if your old furniture is incinerated, it releases toxic gases into our air and water which contributes to global warming. Also, if you frequently buy new furniture, you are wasting precious natural resources. Billions of trees are cut down every year to meet furniture demands. Contacting Innuwindow for custom furniture reupholstery is an eco-friendly choice!

What are the Benefits of Reupholstering Furniture?

Besides helping the environment, custom furniture reupholstery has many additional benefits. Innuwindow can help save you money in the long-run. It is better to update a classic piece that has stood the test of time with reupholstery rather than buying a new piece of furniture that is mass-produced and lower in quality. There are a variety of options to choose from in fabric, pattern, or style that will complement any living space.

When you find a sofa that is really comfortable, you don’t want to part with it. With reupholstery, you don’t have too! Or, if you have a valuable antique piece, you will add value to it with custom furniture reupholstery.

Is it Cheaper to Reupholster or Buy New Furniture?

While not inexpensive to reupholster your furniture (the cost is usually close or equal to buying new furniture), there are some reasons that make it worth the cost to reupholster sofas, chairs, and dining sets. Some ideas that your Innuwindow consultant will ask you to consider when thinking about custom furniture reupholstery:

  • How old is the piece and is it regularly used? If it has lasted many years, then it is probably well made and worth reupholstery.
  • Is the frame sturdy and made from hardwood? Are the joints held together by dowels or screws? These are signs of high-quality furniture, a definite keeper.
  • How much do you truly like this piece? If you love it then you should keep it and reupholster!
    Is it a sentimental piece or a family heirloom? If so, you want to reupholster it so your family can treasure it for years to come.

What is the Best Fabric to Reupholster a Couch?

If your sofa, chair, or dining room set is in need of updating, custom furniture reupholstery is an option that can add years to its life. It is important to consider your lifestyle, including children and pets when choosing the best fabric for your household. Look for fabrics with a tight weave that resists wear and lasts a long time. Performance fabrics are a good option for households with children and pets that need durability and easy clean-up.

When to do a Slipcover Versus Reupholstery?

Innuwindow recommends a new slipcover if:

  • You are attached to your sofa.
  • You wash your slipcovers frequently due to pets or kids.
  • You have just bought your sofa and you’re not ready to replace it yet.
  • Your sofa is comfortable but the fabrics are out of style.

Custom furniture reupholstery is the best choice when:

  • The sofa has an unusual shape or design which doesn’t allow you to create a slipcover.
  • Your sofa is not comfortable and the cushions are difficult to change.
  • The couch has perforations.
  • Sofa cushions are completely flat or worn down.

Contact Innuwindow to ask all your questions about custom furniture reupholstery today!