Woodlore® Shutters

The EcoSmart Engineered Wood Shutter™ has a solid MDF (medium-density fiberboard) core – real wood in an advanced state, offering incredible density and strength. A patented polypropylene coating protects this shutter, making Woodlore® even more durable and robust. Woodlore shutters resist peeling, cracking, chipping, and yellowing, making it more stable and stronger than other wooden custom interior shutters.

Norman Woodlore Shutter Features

Norman Woodlore shutters have better consistency and durability than regular wooden custom interior shutters.

  • Better heat resistance than vinyl and PVC shutters
  • Won’t fade or yellow with sun exposure
  • Won’t chip or crack over time
  • Won’t stain and is easy to clean
  • Free from lead and heavy metals
  • Exceed international standards for off-gassing chemicals
  • Invisible Tilt Rod
  • Motorized – Operate with remote control or smartphone app
  • Recessed magnets for a streamlined appearance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Are Norman Woodlore Shutters Good Quality Custom Interior Shutters?

Norman Woodlore shutters provide a high-quality product at an affordable price. Made from EcoSmart wood composite, Woodlore shutters add elegance to the inside of your home, which will actually increase the appraised value of your home. Real estate experts agree that homes with custom interior shutters are a selling point for buyers. In addition, Woodlore shutters are effective at blocking harsh daylight and protecting interiors from heat and UV rays.

What Are Norman Woodlore Shutters Made Of?

Norman Woodlore shutters are made from an EcoSmart wood composite. They are durable because of the specially formulated medium-density fiberboard core. InvisibleTilt™ operates the louvers without a visible tilt rod, utilizing a gear-driven system, and the magnets used are concealed for a streamlined look. Woodlore shutters are free from lead and they meet international standards for off-gassing chemicals. A polypropylene coating protects against scratching, yellowing, and fading. And, 95% of every tree harvested to make Woodlore shutters is utilized, making them an eco-friendly choice!