Solar Shades

Solar shades have many benefits: They control natural light levels, reduce glare, and still give you a beautiful view. They’re made of a solar screen mesh fabric woven with special characteristics that give them their “openness.” The fabric color and density affect the shade’s ability to control sunlight, heat, and glare.

Solar screen fabric is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and openness factors. You can customize solar screen fabric to match the color scheme of your home as well as to meet your personal preferences and needs. You can also choose an openness level that will determine how transparent your shades are, how much sunlight they let in, and how energy efficient they’ll be.

Solar Shades can:

Decrease the heat gain through windows
Manage natural light
Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays
And still give you a beautiful view

Can You See-through Solar Shades from the Outside?

While solar shades are made from an open-weave fabric that is see-through from the inside, people passing by on the outside will not be able to see into your home through your solar shades; however, at night when the lights inside your home are turned on, this is reversed. These shades provide optimal privacy and views during the day but the opposite at night.

How Long Do Solar Shades Last?

Solar shades use specific, heavy-duty fabrics that are extremely resistant to wear-and-tear. You can expect your shades to last up to fifteen to twenty years or more, depending on the specific fabric from which they’re made.

Are Solar Shades Easy to Maintain?

Interior solar shades can be easily adjusted, removed, and maintained. For general cleaning, you can use a warm, soapy cloth to wipe down your solar shades. Then, leave them down so they can dry completely. For cleaning exterior shades, we recommend taking them down temporarily and scrubbing them with warm, soapy water and a scrub brush.

For optimal use and protection, we recommend paying close attention to where you place your shades. You want to install them on windows in rooms that receive a lot of daily sunlight. Generally speaking, south-facing windows receive the most sunlight in the mornings as well as during the day, so placing your shades on any south-facing windows will give you the best bang for your buck. These shades can be placed on almost any type of window as well.

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