Silhouette Window Shades

The Silhouette® window shade by Hunter Douglas, with the signature S-Vane design, was introduced in 1991. With superior ultraviolet protection, Silhouette® Window Shadings are available in many beautiful fabrics and applications.

The delicate balance between light and privacy is one that many homeowners strive for when shopping for and installing window treatments. Throughout the evolution of shades, manufacturers have attempted to create the perfect shade, one that achieves privacy while at the same time creating an inviting and warm ambiance by allowing light to filter in.

Silhouette® Window Shadings are uniquely and thoughtfully constructed to create an understated sense of harmony in your home. The signature S-vane construction of the Silhouette® gives the impression that the vanes are floating on the windows. In reality, they are delicately balanced between two sheer pieces of fabric.

The Silhouette® Window Shadings include 2″, 3″, and 4″ vane sizes, as well as twelve different fabrics that come in 104 colors. The variety ensures that homeowners can find a pattern or color that suits their style.

The Silhouette® Window Shading fabrics come in a variety of opacities, from translucent to light-dimming. Silhouette® also has an assortment of opaque fabrics that dim light and allow for privacy in the home.

There are four operating systems to choose from with the Silhouette® Window Shades. The standard EasyRise cord loop is a continuous cord that eliminates the dangers of a hanging cord in households that have children or pets. The UltraGlide® is a shade with a retractable cord and the cordless LiteRise® operating system can be operated by the touch of your hand.  Last is Powerview motorization which allows control of your Silhouette shades using a remote control or your smart device.

If you’d like a Silhoette shade with room-darkening capabilities try either the A Deux or Duolite operating systems. The Silhouette A Deux™ has a room-darkening shade built into the headrail that can be operated independent of the light-filtering shade.  The Duolite Silhouette shade has a room-darkening shade which can be lowered once the light-filtering shade is lowered and openrd.

The Silhouette® Window Shading has a Two-On-One Headrail  option for wide windows as well as a tilt-only feature for narrow windows and doors.

There is a standard fabric-covered headrail and hardware color substitution is available. The Silhouette® has specialty shapes including privacy arches and angles and is soil-resistant with anti-static fabrics.

Lifetime guarantee

Note: The Top-down/Bottom-up option is no longer available

Product features:

  • 2″, 3″, and 4″ vane sizes
  • 12 fabrics in 104 colors
  • Translucent, light-dimming and privacy fabrics
  • 4 operating systems:
    1. Standard EasyRise cord loop
    2. UltraGlide retractable cord
    3. LiteRise cordless
    4. PowerRise 2.1 with Platinum Technology
  • Two-On-One Headrail for wide windows
  • Tilt-only for narrow windows
  • Standard fabric-covered headrail
  • Hardware color substitution available
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up option
  • Specialty shapes including privacy arches and angles
  • Counterparts Refined and The Whole House Solution
  • Soil-resistant, anti-static fabrics
  • Lifetime guarantee