Pinch Pleats

Pinch pleat curtains are a classic custom drapery option that will add style to any room. Our talented designers at Innuwindow can help you find the perfect pinch pleat drapery to suit any décor.

What is a Pinch Pleat?

Pinch pleats are created by pinching fabric a few inches from the top and stitching it together at regular intervals.  A two-finger pinch pleat has two fingers or “rolls” above the pinch but pinch pleat drapes can also have 3, 4, or 5 pleats.  The sewn-in pleats create an elegant look which flows from the top to bottom.  Pinch pleat curtains can be hung from a pole or on a track.

What’s the difference between Euro pleats and a pinch pleat?

Euro pleats and pinch pleats are both versatile and stylish options for custom drapery panels. Euro pleats, also known as brisby pleats, are a simpler and more modern design with a two finger or three finger pleat that is tacked or pinched at the top, rather than the bottom which allows the fabric to billow to the floor.

On the other hand, a pinch pleat is a traditional sewn pleat identified by narrow closely spaced folds called fingers.  Pinched pleats appear to be pinched at the base.  Pinch pleats can be two pinch or three pinch.  Two pinch pleats, also known as double pleats, are classic and use less fabric and are easy to open and close.  Three pinch pleats also known as the three-finger pinch pleat are the most common type of pleat. With three pleats pinched together, this option offers greater fullness than their two pinch pleat counterparts.

What are some other names for pinch pleats?

The different names for pinch pleat drapes depends on how many pleats there are. A single pinch pleat is sometimes referred to as a ‘New York pleat’ or a ‘one finger pleat’ or a ‘tailored pleat’.  A double pinch pleat is also called a ‘Dutch pleat’ or a ‘two finger pleat’.  The triple pinch pleat is also known as a three finger pleat.

What kind of look do pinch pleat drapes give a room?

Pinch pleat drapes look great in many different interiors. They have a crispness that complements fancy or more relaxed environments. The most popular rooms for pinch pleat curtains are living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms.  Pinch pleat drapery can bring out a bold pattern, and they work well with a rich fabric with the depth of their folds. You won’t have to replace pinch pleat curtains any time soon, because they are a classic type of drapery that never really goes out of style. Two finger pinch pleats have the versatility to hang on rods or tracks.

What are the other types of pinch pleats?

A French pleat, also known as a top pleat or an inverted pleat, is a pinch pleat that is placed at the top of the drapery panel. Because the pleat is on the back of the panel, it creates a flat drapery surface with a more contemporary look. This type of pinch pleat drapery is an excellent way to blend classic and modern styles. A goblet pleat is another pinch pleat drapery option for which the pleats form a shape similar to a goblet at the top of the drapery, giving interiors an elegant feel.

How far apart are pinch pleats?

Pinch pleats should be between four inches and six inches apart.  Typically, there is  a 4.5″ space between pleats and 4.5″ pleats for both triple and double fold pleats. That said, the pleats can be any size. It all depends on how much fabric used, how much fullness you want and the depth of the drapery rod brackets.

How do you hang pinch pleat drapery?

Pinch pleat drapery have the versatility to hang on curtain rods or on tracks. To hang pinch pleat curtains, you will need curtain hooks that have sharp pin ends made specifically for pinch-pleat drapery. You’ll need one curtain ring and one hook for each pleat in the curtains, plus one ring and one hook for each top corner edge. Insert the sharp end of the hook into each pleat and push the hook completely into the pleat.  Put one hook in the top corner of each panel. Make sure all hooks are the same distance from the top of the curtain so the curtains hang evenly.

Now is the perfect time to add custom drapery panels from Innuwindow. Pinch pleats add a classic style to any room  in your home. Contact our dedicated design professionals at Innuwindow today!