Hobbled Roman Shades

Hobbled Roman shades are a traditional design that features cascading folds for the fullness. Built with folds four to six inches apart, hobbled Roman shades are a great choice for any fabric, however they are usually not recommended for patterned fabrics. These shades work well on both large and small windows and can be made with blackout lining for bedrooms and may include a child-safe, cordless system.

What is a Hobbled Roman Shade?

Hobbled Roman shades look just like regular Roman shades, except that the shade has horizontal pleats or hobbles at regular intervals, giving it a fuller look. A hobbled roman shade actually doesn’t look much different than a flat roman shade in the raised position. But it is unique in that it keeps its folds even when lowered. Hobbled Roman shades achieve this look with support rods that are concealed in the pockets of each fold.
Hobbled Roman shades are great for both small or large windows or multiple windows in a room. Because they are made with extra fabric, they are effective in blocking out light and heat. The folds on hobbled Roman shades create depth that flat Roman shades are unable to achieve.

What are the Best Roman Shades?

Roman shades have a long history and have literally not gone out of style in centuries! So the Roman shades you select today look just as current years from now. There are over twenty different types of Roman shades, including flat, relaxed, and hobbled Roman shades.

Flat Roman shades are the most popular type of Roman shade because of their simple elegance. They can be made from all sorts of fabrics and colors and create a traditional look in the room.

For relaxed Roman shades, the fabric folds tend to hang in a curved manner so that they are longer in the middle when they are raised, giving a more casual-chic design.

Hobbled Roman shades have waterfall-like folds for a soft look. When raised, the fabric stacks up at the bottom, creating a clean, tailored look that looks good in both formal and informal interiors. This soft ruffle will help homeowners create some depth in the look of their window treatments.