Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas

Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas are solar shades that offer excellent UV protection while maintaining your view of the outdoors.  A minimal yet sophisticated shade perfect for your patio or sunroom. Designer screen shades are perfect for a room that needs privacy while still allowing the light in. These minimalist window treatments are tasteful, with a sleek, understated design that is the epitome of modern interiors. There is a wide range of fabrics, from opaque to translucent, so you can choose which option best suits your home. With custom designer screen shades, you will have the ability to limit heat or excessive glare while still allowing sunlight to filter into your space.

Available in varying levels of opacity, Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas block 86% – 99% of harsh sun rays while protecting household objects and furniture from sun damage. Limiting exposure to UV rays, the five opacity options range from most view/least privacy to minimal view/maximum privacy. State-of-the-art engineering results in flawless and smooth operation. With PowerView® Motorization technology, you can control and schedule your Designer Screen Shades with a mobile or voice activated device.

Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas provide energy efficiency and privacy in an innovative design. The shades are not only easy to use, but are an attractive addition to your home decor. Combining beauty with functional design, designer screen shades accommodate many types of windows, transforming the look of your home and your rooms. Designer screen shades may be customized with top or bottom treatments, finishing the look. Additionally, there are options for specialty shaped windows such as bay windows, corner windows, and bow windows. 

Features of Designer Screen Shades by Hunter Douglas

  • Opacity options ranging from sheer to opaque 
  • Choice between 88 fabrics in traditional, natural, and soft fabrics styles 
  • A wide variety of operating systems including: PowerView®, LiteRise®, UltraGlide®, SoftTouch™, Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop, Dual Roller
  • A number of design options like the Harmony Program™ that coordinate with Skyline®
  • Widths 12″ – 192″
  • Heights 12″ – 144″

Innuwindow Offers Designer Screen Shades for Your Home or Office

Innuwindow is a Hunter Douglas partner and offers a large variety of designer screen shades. Our professional team is ready to assist you with an at-home or in-store consultation. Innuwindow is committed to helping you find the perfect designer screen shades for your home and work spaces. Contact us or call 508.650.9922 for assistance with designer screen shade needs.