Cordless roller window shades are safer for children, come in a variety of colors, and usually cover large windows easily.  This classic style can also be budget-friendly. Find tips for decorating with roller window shades in this post.

Roller Window Shades

Roller window shades are the perfect decorating solution for any room. The simple lines and versatile style make this design extremely flexible. Roller shades can be elegant or uncomplicated, so they fit easily into any style or décor.

Why choose roller window shades to decorate a room?

There are a number of reasons to choose roller window shades for your windows. The design is sleek and simple, so roller shades can be combined with other window treatments like drapes for an added layer of privacy or light protection. Roller window shades are cost-effective, so you can get exactly the style and color that you are looking for without having to compromise. This allows you to perfectly match the roller shades to your interior décor.

Roller shades fit easily into your windows, and they can be customized to a variety of different window sizes, offering you complete privacy and protection for your home.  Additionally, cordless roller shades are safe for homes with pets or children, because they don’t have cords or cables that can pose a threat to your little ones.

How do you clean roller window shades?

Roller window shades require cleaning and upkeep like anything else in the home, but luckily it’s minimal. If you have vinyl roller shades, you can clean them using a vacuum or dust them with a rag. Then you will use a simple solution of water with dish soap in it, wipe the shades down, and then dry them thoroughly.  For other roller shades, you can use your vacuum to clean them and remove any dust that you see. Most shade fabrics are resilient and can probably be spot-cleaned using a non-abrasive soap.  Always read the cleaning instructions before applying a cleaning solution to your shades.

Are roller window shades expensive?

Roller window shades are not only extremely versatile, but they are also very budget-friendly as well. You can decorate your home for much less than you would spend on other window coverings like blinds or shutters, without sacrificing the style and utility that you want.

Can you see through roller window shades at night?

Like other window treatments on the market, roller window shades are as transparent or opaque as you want them to be. If you have rooms that don’t need protection, you can choose a fabric that is lighter or even transparent, so your roller window shades can let in light all day long. Rooms at the back of your home or rooms that you don’t use in the evening might be good candidates for more translucent shades. If you have rooms that need privacy, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, you will want to opt for an opaque fabric so that your home isn’t left vulnerable to prying eyes.

 Tips for decorating a room with roller window shades

There are many ways to decorate with roller window shades. Before you begin any project, you should evaluate your home and decide what colors will go best with the interior design that you have. Roller window shades come in a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and patterns so you will be able to find any style that you are looking for. Roller shades can also be ordered with a decorative cassette headrail which encloses the roller and has a matching fabric face.  Roller shades can also be mounted in fascia boxes or even in your ceiling if the room is built to accommodate them. Remember to choose opaque fabric for rooms where you need extra coverage, like bathrooms or bedrooms.