Top treatments are stylish and decorative additions to a window, and they can add to the presentation of a room while also hiding unsightly or inconvenient curtain rods. Top treatments can be used to cover the install mounts of shades and blinds, so you can enjoy your window treatments without worrying about ugly screws or nails.   

Ready-made top treatments can be an attractive embellishment on your windows, often at a much lower cost than you would pay for custom window treatments.

Why use ready-made top treatments for windows?

Ready made top treatments are a great alternative to custom window treatments. While custom top treatments can be altered to fit abnormal or unusual windows sizes, ready made treatments are perfect for standard window sizes. Ready made top treatments are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns, so you are almost guaranteed to find something that you like.

What fabrics are best for window top treatments?

When choosing material for window top treatments, you will want to consider fabrics that drape and hang well. Silk and faux silk are both lovely fabrics that lend an air of luxury to a room. You can also choose damask, cotton, polyester, or any synthetic fabric that you like, but be mindful that the fabric isn’t too stiff.

What kind of top treatments are in style in 2020?

The key to a modern top treatment is simplicity. If you choose a colorful patterned fabric, keep the design simple and sleek. This way the top treatment won’t seem overblown. To stay up-to-date and stylish, try to stick with bold colors, geometric shapes, or any fabric collection that has been released in the last 2-3 years.

How big should a top treatment be compared to a window?

The size of a top treatment completely depends on what kind you want or need for your rooms. You can visually extend the width of your windows by strategically placing an extra-wide top treatment over drapes, or you can place a ready made top treatment on its own over a smaller window as a statement piece, and measure the top treatment so it only extends 2 to 3 inches past the window frame.

How do you measure your window for top treatments?

Once you know what kind of top treatment you want, you can start to measure your windows. If you want a top treatment that is not much wider than the length of the window, you will want to add approximately 2-5 inches onto the width of the window, to accommodate the top treatment. However, if you want a gathered top treatment or one that helps you widen the appearance of your windows by placing it over drapes, you will opt for a much longer treatment. Typically, you would measure the window and extend the top treatment out between 10 to 12 inches wider than the window, so you can accommodate the curtain rod beneath it.  

Tips for decorating a room in your home using ready-made top treatments.

When decorating a room using ready-made top treatments, stay true to the feel and décor that is already in place. If you have patterned rugs or colorful furniture, consider a dialed-back top treatment, that won’t detract from your other furnishings. On the other hand, a colorful top treatment can be a real statement piece in an otherwise understated room (think bold colors with beige or white furniture). Be sure to measure your windows and know what kind and what size top treatment you want before purchasing.