Decorative insulated window shades are available in a variety of styles and fabrics. Insulated window shades are an excellent energy efficient option, protecting your rooms from cold in the winter and heat during the summer.

Do Insulated Window Shades Really Help to Insulate?

Insulated window shades contain one or more air layers in a honeycomb cross-section, and have the highest R-values of all window treatments. When installed properly, they can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more during the cool months, and reduce solar heat by up to 80% during warm months. There are options for single, double, or triple cell shades. Triple cell shades provide the most insulation from cold and heat. Automated cellular shades can be scheduled based on the season (and temperature), optimizing energy savings.

What Window Coverings are Best for Insulation?

Because insulated window shades have the highest R-values, they are the best choice for insulated window coverings. Top-down bottom-up styles are preferred, controlling the amount of sunlight coming in. Insulated window shades are not only attractive, but provide privacy and energy savings. For added insulation, draperies can be installed in front of cellular shades. Roman shades, made of a thick material, also provide insulation and energy efficiency. There’s an option to add thermal backing to them too. In order to maximize insulation, Roman shades must be fully closed, blocking sunlight and outdoor views.

Do Blackout Shades Reduce Heat?

Blackout shades prevent light from entering a room and are particularly useful on smaller windows. They are helpful in reducing the amount of heat that passes into a room. Blackout curtains and window shades will reduce the amount of heat which is transferred through a window by as much as 24 percent, keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Heating and cooling systems will be more efficient.

What are the best blinds for keeping heat out?

Insulated window shades are an easy and efficient way to keep the heat out during the summer months. Quilted roller shades and Roman shades provide extra insulation due to several layers of fiber batting. Blinds don’t offer as much thermal protection due to the vertical slats that open and close. However, one can adjust the amount of light and air that circulates through a room. Blinds do help to reduce the amount of heat, if they are fully closed.

Insulated Window Shades at Innuwindow

Innuwindow Insulated window shades range from sheer, light-filtering materials to total blackout, with options for privacy as well. Check out our exceptional collection of insulated window shades today. Innuwindow customizes shades to fit your space, windows, and decor. Contact us today!

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