Custom Window Shades are a Popular Window Treatment Option for each Room in your Home.

Window shades are decorative while solving the functional needs of your room and are available in a huge variety of styles and fabrics. Our custom window shades range from sheer, light-filtering materials to total blackout, with options for privacy as well. Lend a modern look to your interior with our exceptional collection of custom shade treatments today.

These are not your grandmother’s plain white roller shades hidden behind dusty old draperies! Custom window shades come in so many varieties that are sure to suit any decor, from classic to modern. Sheer shades can create a barrier against harsh sunlight, but still allow filtered light to enter the room. Roller shades are great for privacy and light control while allowing howeowners to add color and texture to their decor. Cellular shades are energy efficient and specifically designed to trap air between the shade and the window to create an insulating effect. Other options include woven wood shades, solar shades, and printed shades. Motorization is an option too! Custom window shades are available in many different materials, opacities, and colors, allowing complete customization for your home.

Custom Window Shades: Function and Style!

Custom window shades serve both style and purpose. Functions for custom window shades include:

  • Light Control – Custom window shades control the amount of sunlight that comes in, to block harsh rays and glare if necessary.
  • Energy Efficiency – Windows are the source for lots of energy loss in the home. One of the best ways to prevent energy loss is to use window shades to act as insulation.
  • Privacy – Day or night, window shades allow you to place a barrier between your home and the outside world.
  • Maintaining the View – Custom window shades allow you to frame your view and control sunlight at the same time. Or if you’d prefer to block the view out the window, shades can do that too.
  • Aesthetics – Custom window shades are available in tons of colors, textures, and fabrics. The combinations and possibilities are seemingly endless!

Why Choose Custom Window Shades for your Home?

Window shades are a sleek and stylish choice and choosing custom window shades will transform your home and highlight your windows. These modern window treatments can be specially fitted to your windows, giving you a variety of options to choose from. Opting for custom window shades gives you the ability to work with professionals in selecting the best treatments for your windows. Choose from many different styles and materials to find what is right for your space and receive specialized assistance to guide you through the selection and installation. Contact Innuwindow and Explore your custom window shade options today!