When looking for window treatments, there are many choices available. Cordless blinds come in many styles and colors. They are durable and flexible, offering plenty of privacy, safety, and light control.

What are cordless window blinds?

Cordless window blinds have cords that hold the slats together, but without the hanging strings that move the blinds up and down. Window treatments look neat and tidy, and are a perfect addition to any room’s decor. With cordless blinds, you gently pull on the bottom rail to lower the blind, and push up on the bottom rail to raise the blind. The bottom rail also tilts to open and close the slats, adjusting the amount of light that enters a room.

Do cordless window blinds work well?

Cordless window blinds work very well and last for many years. They are a safer option than corded blinds around pets and children, due to the lack of dangling cords. In order to operate cordless window blinds, they must be easily accessible, with no obstructions in front of them. Furthermore, you must be able to reach the top of the window easily. If windows are obstructed or high, consider motorized cordless blinds instead.

What are cordless cellular shades?

If you’re interested in keeping the cool air out in winter and the warm air out in the summer, cellular, or honeycomb, shades are quite energy efficient. Using a series of cell pockets to trap air around your windows, they provide insulation by creating a barrier between your room and the outside. They come in various colors, providing privacy due to light filtering.

What is the difference between corded and cordless window blinds?
Cordless window blinds offer the same features as corded blinds. They are more aesthetically pleasing, without the tangled cords. If you have children in your home, cordless blinds are the recommended, safer option for window treatments

1. Cordless blinds are easy to use and provide plenty of privacy.

There are some instances when corded blinds work well. If windows are high, cords provide an easy way to access the blinds when they are fully retracted. As of December 2018, corded window blinds must meet new government mandated safety standards, and therefore must be custom ordered

2.Cordless Window Blinds at Innuwindow
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