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What do Custom Drapery Services Include?

Innuwindow offers a customized and convenient approach to custom drapery services. First, we have a huge selection of styles and fabrics from which to choose. Your best option is to take advantage of our large showroom where you’ll see many samples and displays. You can also schedule an in-home appointment with one of our decorators. Either way, our experienced design professionals will come to your home and measure your windows to get the exact dimensions as well as taking note of any unique features that may affect the installation. Finally, our Innuwindow design professionals will help you choose the drapes and colors that will best complement your living space. At Innuwindow, we work closely with our customers to provide custom drapery services that fit your schedule and budget.

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What are My Options for Custom Drapes?

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Innuwindow has many different options for custom drapes.

  • Ripple Fold Custom Drapery: Soft ripple-like folds that flow smoothly. These are easily opened and closed and are great for large windows.
  • Tab Back Custom Drapery: These are ideal if you don’t want to open and close the drapes very often. It gives the illusion of the curtain floating in space and creates elegant clean lines.
  • Grommet-top Custom Drapery: Grommets create well-defined, even pleats and are best for firm fabrics.
  • Tie Top Custom Drapery: With the adjustable ties, this casual and elegant style is perfect when the length needs adjusting.
  • Pinch Pleats: They create an elegant look in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. The deep folds showcase bold patterns and rich materials.
  • Rod Pocket Drapes: Ideal for small spaces, these stylish and elegant drapes are easily taken down for cleaning.
  • Door/Side Panels: Narrow panels with rod pockets at the top and bottom usually made with sheer fabrics that cover the windows on or next to the door.
  • Café Curtains: Drapes to cover the lower part of a window. You can choose between sheer or semi-opaque fabrics that can be lined or unlined.
  • Shower Curtains: Choose from many fabrics to fit any bathroom design. Extra long and extra wide shower curtains are available.

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Should Custom Drapes Touch the Floor?

custom drapes touch the floorIdeally, drapes that touch the floor are the best option. The classic tailored look is to have the drapes just hitting the floor or hovering about a half an inch above the floor. This works well if you’ll be opening and closing the curtains often, because they will easily fall back into place every time. Another option is to have custom drapes that extend onto the floor by as much as three inches, creating a “puddle” look. This is forgiving for uneven floors, however they will need to be cleaned more often and readjusted every time you clean the floors.

What is the Difference Between Curtains and Drapes?

The main difference between custom drapes and curtains is that drapes are lined, sometimes with fabric heavy enough to block out all outside light (ideal in a bedroom). Drapes are also longer than curtains and they can extend from the rods to the floor, and sometimes beyond. The most common materials for custom drapes are heavy fabrics like velvet, damask, or silk. You can choose drapes in a variety of styles and colors but often people choose solid drapes over patterned. Both curtains and drapes hang from a rod on rings, hooks, grommets, or a fabric sleeve at the top or back of the window panel.

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Why Custom Drapes from Innuwindow are Worth it!

Below are five main benefits to investing in custom drapery services from Innuwindow:


  • Attractive Focal Point: Our custom drapes are made with eye-catching detail. Drapes make a room feel both cozy and sophisticated.
  • Privacy: Drapes can offer privacy ranging from complete blackout to double layered that provide darkness when needed but the sheer layer allows sunlight during the day.
  • Light Control & Insulation: The lining on drapes helps to trap the air between the window and the fabric, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This will lower your energy bills throughout the year.
  • Texture: You can add visual texture with a pattern. You can also add warmth and depth with rich textures such as velvet and silk. Finally, you can add texture with the drapery header including pleats, grommets, and tabs.
  • Great Style: Custom drapes give your home that “finished” feeling and adds to the unique style of your home.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Drapes?

Innuwindow is the place to go for custom drapery services. We are proud of our over thirty years of experience and to be a multi-year winner of awards from both Angie’s List and Houzz. Customer service is a key part of all that we do. Our friendly and talented design and installation staff will help you in choosing custom drapes for your home. We also make the process easy by offering free consultations in home, in our store, or virtually. Contact Innuwindow today and set up a consultation appointment for custom drapery services to make your redecorating dreams a reality.

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