Window Treatments for Oddly Shaped Windows

Oddly Shaped Windows

What are the Best Window Treatments for an Oddly-Shaped Window?

It can be challenging to find the right custom window treatments for your odd-shaped windows without the help of a professional. Fortunately, the experts at Innuwindow have the necessary experience to properly measure the sizes and shapes to ensure the correct size and materials for the unique windows in your home.

Whatever your home décor and decorating style, there are so many custom window treatment options to choose from to dress your odd-shaped or odd-sized windows.

  • Blinds are an easy custom window treatment solution that offer many colors and styles to easily match your home’s aesthetics. They are easy to adjust and angle to adjust the desired amount of sunlight into your home.
  • Custom hardwood shutters are perfect for standard and odd-shaped windows alike. These gorgeous custom window treatments add an elegant touch to any home, blocking harmful UV rays from entering your home and providing noise cancellation from the outside world. For the family that’s always on the move, these shutters can be motorized for easy control.
  • Shades are a clean and sophisticated option for your odd-shaped windows. Cellular shades are a popular shade style used for angled and curved windows, providing an energy efficient solution available in dozens of colors and textures to complement your home’s style.
  • Drapes are the timeless and classic option for oddly-shaped or odd-sized windows. With the most colors, materials, and styles available, drapes and curtains are the most versatile of available custom window treatments. The cascading panels and layers are perfect for framing a collection of odd-shaped in a trendy and modern way while making your room look taller.

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What is the Best Custom Window Treatment for Arched Windows?

Arched windows add a unique and timeless elegance to your home, with a rectangular bottom and a half circle shape at the top making your home look bigger from the inside and out. A favorite custom window treatment for arched windows is hardwood shutters, or composite interior shutters that provide privacy and light control. Other options are window blinds or shades like roller shades, cellular, pleated, or roman shades. Depending on the unique dimensions of your arched window, drapes or curtains can offer the ideal amount of coverage. The professional designers and installers at Innuwindow will be sure to find the best custom window treatment options for the windows in your home. Set up an appointment for a free consultation with the experts at Innuwindow today.


How do you Cover an Angled Window?

Angled windows give your home a crisp and sharp look but adding custom window treatments for these require the help of the professionals at Innuwindow. Angled blinds are a popular choice among homeowners for these odd-shaped and odd-sized windows. Blinds for angled windows are designed so that the top triangle portion will tilt and the rest of the blinds will only rise to the bottom of this section. Another option is cellular blinds that will give you an energy efficient way to block the sun’s harmful rays from entering through your angled windows.

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What Window Treatments do you Use for a Curved Window?

Curved windows, also called arched windows, are a popular accent to a standard window allowing a room to look bigger and taller while letting in more natural light. However, when you want to block the sunlight and give your home additional privacy, Innuwindow’s custom interior shutters can be shaped perfectly to the curvature of your window. Depending on the frame style and material of your curved window, you have many options for custom shutters or shades to fit inside the window frame. If you have an expansive area of large standard and curved windows to cover, drapes and curtains are a great custom window treatment option. Contact Innuwindow today for a free design consultation!

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How do you Fit Blinds or Curtains to a Curved Bay Window?

Fitting blinds or curtains to your odd-shaped bay windows should always be measured and installed by professionals. The professionals at Innuwindow know the best methods for providing full UV and privacy coverage for oddly shaped windows. One of the most popular trends right now for bay windows are layered custom window treatments pairing blinds on the windows themselves and curtains or drapes on the outer layer or at the edge of the enclave. This gives the room more texture and dimension while providing the most light control and insulation.

Innuwindow has Custom Window Treatment Solutions for any Window!

Your home’s odd-shaped and odd-sized windows shouldn’t be excluded from your home’s window treatments. Bay windows, curved, arched, and angled windows can be fitted with the same stylish custom window treatments as your standard windows. Call 508.650.9922 or contact the experts at Innuwindow today to set up a free home consultation and professional measurements to find the window treatments that are right for your windows, your style, and your unique needs.