Why Choose Energy Efficient Shades?

There are many different types of window treatments and finding the right one can depend on many factors, such as your personal taste, your interior décor, and the amount of light that you would like to allow into your space. Modern window solutions have added another area of consideration for savvy consumers, however. Now many window treatments come with energy-efficient qualities and options that allow you to save money while still investing in beautiful window treatments for your home.

What window coverings are best for insulation?

Windows blinds and shades can save you money and help regulate your home’s temperature. Cellular shades are the best option on the market for energy efficiency. They have a unique, cell-like structure that creates a double layer of protection over your windows to keep the cold out during winter and the sunlight out during summer.

Energy Efficient Shades

Are Roller Shades Good for Insulation?

Roller shades are typically used for blocking light and providing shade in rooms that receive a lot of light. However, thicker fabrics are more energy efficient than light fabrics. Roller shades are not really as good as other types of window coverings for winter energy efficiency.  Only roller screen shades have much of an energy coefficient and that is during summer when they filter the light but allow a view.  Honeycomb shades are very energy efficient but are not in the roller shade category.  We generally recommend honeycomb shades and feature Hunter Douglas Duette Architella fabrics and shades for energy efficiency.The unique double-layered cellular design traps air between the layers, creating a barrier that prevents excessive heat and air from entering the room.

Which is Better, Single or Double Cell Shades?

When selecting honeycomb shades, you can opt for either single or double cell designs. While both  options are energy efficient, the extra layer of protection on the double cell shade provides additional protection from noise and extreme temperatures. They are also slightly better at insulating your windows. With an extra cellular layer, there is more of a barrier between your windows and your home.

Energy Efficient roller Shades

Do solar shades keep cold out?

Did you know that investing in energy efficient shades can help to reduce your electric bill every month? By retaining heat or cool air, blocking the sun’s rays, and reducing energy loss through unprotected windows, you can reduce summer air conditioning and winter heating bills.

Solar shades are perfect for deflecting the sun’s strong rays while still letting in light, and any window treatment will be somewhat effective at blocking out the cold. However, if you are serious about insulating your home against extreme temperatures, the best option is cellular shades. These honeycomb shades are uniquely designed to trap air and block out the heat and the cold so the temperature in your home remains well regulated.

Should Blinds be up or Down in winter?

Blinds can be a great way to conserve energy during the winter. If the sun is out, you can open the blinds for a bit to let in some of the heat. The most effective way to prevent the loss of energy through your windows in the winter, though,  is to keep your blinds down. The added layer over your window will act as insulation against the cold. By far, the most energy efficient blinds are cellular shades, which protect your windows with a double layer of fabric and prevent energy loss, while insulating your home.