What Are Smart Shades and Why Would I Need Them in Boston?


The idea of smart homes has taken hold in the last few years, and smart home devices like Alexa, home protection companies, and even smart lights, are revolutionizing the way we live. The latest innovation in home technology has come in the form of smart shades. These window treatments can be controlled using an app or a smart home device, and add protection and beauty to your home.

What are Smart Shades?

Smart shades are shades or blinds that have the ability to function automatically. These shades can be controlled remotely by the push of a button. You are also able to use the smart app to control your shades, and they can be programmed to respond to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Why use Smart Shades in Boston?

Smart shades are extremely convenient for busy Boston area homeowners. With smart shades, you can remotely control the function of your window treatments. One of the advantages of smart shades is the fact that they help to contain and conserve energy in the home. You can open and close your blinds remotely to control the amount of light and heat that enters your home, and protect your furnishings from UV rays. You can also program your blinds to close when you are out of the house for long periods to help secure your home.

What are Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Smart Shades?

Cellular roller shades are uniquely constructed to conserve energy by trapping air between the cells and creating a barrier between your home and your windows. This can reduce your energy bill and save you money. The Sonnette™ Cellular Roller smart shade has a sleek and simple look, honeycomb technology, and PowerView® Motorization.

What are Vignette® Modern Roman Smart Shades?

PowerView® Motorization allows you to control your home by remotely regulating your Vignette® Modern Roman Smart Shades. The Vignette® Hunter Douglas Smart Shades are a modern take on the roman shade with softer folds and the addition of a back fabric panel.

What are Duette® Honeycomb Smart Shades?

The Duette® is one of the most extensive collections of Hunter Douglas smart shades. These shades feature the innovative, energy-saving honeycomb technology as well as a wide range of colors and fabrics, and they can be fitted to any size window. The Duette® now features PowerView® Motorization for smart home functionality.

Tips for Decorating a Room with Smart Shades or Blinds

Hunter Douglas smart shades come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Consider which windows in your home are most in need of smart shades, such as street-facing or first-floor windows. Decide ahead of time whether you want to integrate your new smart shades into your existing color scheme, or whether you want to pick a color or pattern for your window treatments and decorate around those. The experienced design staff at Innuwindow can help you pick the right smart shades for your home.

How much do Smart Shades Cost?

Smart shades are technologically advanced and therefore are worth the added expense over traditional window treatments. You’ll have the advantage and convenience of a well designed and programmed system that you control remotely and which can conserve energy and add security to your home.
If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of using smart shades in your home, or you would like more information about the features, visit us online for the Hunter Douglas Energy Smart Style Event! This exclusive event has rebates starting at $100 available thru 4/6/20. Contact Innuwindow for details on rebates available for select Powerview smart shades.