Trends for Interior Shutters in the Boston Area


When we think of shutters, we often think of them as something that accents the outside of the house that adds character and aesthetics to your home’s exterior. However, now more than ever, custom interior shutters are a growing trend that offer both form and functionality for many Boston homes. This article discusses everything you need to know about interior shutters and whether they might be the right fit for your home.

What are the Best Interior Shutters?

In Boston, we are seeing a number of custom interior shutter styles coming to the forefront of interior design. There are three main types of custom interior shutters that are regularly appearing in local homes – each of them has their own unique benefits.

  • Hybrid Shutters: Hybrid shutters are made from a combination of wood and synthetic material, but they are much more durable. Not only are they resistant to chipping or fading, but they are also excellent insulators that will help keep your energy bills down.
  • Classic Wood Shutters: For the most options and a complete diversity in designs, styles, colors, and sizes, classic wood shutters are made from genuine hardwood and are transformed into beautiful shutters that meet your vision.
  • Composite shutters are a popular choice, made from medium-density fiberboard wrapped with a coating of vinyl.

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Where are the Best Places for Custom Interior Shutters in your Home?

Custom Interior Shutters

Any window in your home can be a great spot for an interior shutter, but there may be some more unique places that you haven’t considered. Here are some of our favorite places to install custom interior shutters.

  • French Doors: A French door is often a statement piece for a home. Adding interior shutters can increase their beauty.
  • Bay Windows: Bay windows are lovely, but it can be awkward trying to find a perfect window treatment that will adequately complement it. Customized interior shutters can fit neatly in your bay window without covering up its unique shape.
  • Bedrooms: Interior shutters in a bedroom can keep out the sun in the morning or the bright city lights in the evening.
  • Tier-on-Tier Windows: Tiered windows are beautiful, but they can let in a ton of light and not offer much privacy. Tiered shutters allow you to let in as much light and scenery as you prefer.
  • Bathrooms: Your bathroom is a private space. Interior shutters give you an exceptional amount of privacy while still allowing you to enjoy a beautiful window space.

Features and Benefits of Custom Interior Shutters (150)

The benefits of custom interior shutters include insulation, sound deflection, versatility in privacy and light control, and of course, style! Some features of custom interior shutters from Hunter Douglas, available at Innuwindow include:

  • Concealed hinges give a clean contemporary look
  • No visible tilt rod – tilt the louvers precisely with built-in gears
  • Wider panels allow for unobstructed views
  • Rabbeted stiles reduce out light between louvers
  • Motorization allows users to control the tilt of the shutters with a remote or with a mobile phone app. This allows for hands-free operation, great for hard-to-reach windows. Using an app, users can set a schedule for opening and closing the shutters, without even being home!

Shutters can be installed with an inside or an outside mount, using Z frames or L frames for an inside mount, or with a flat frame mounted to the wall or existing window frame for an outside mount.

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Can you Open Windows with Interior Shutters?

Yes! This may seem like a silly question but one of the greatest benefits to having custom interior shutters is that you can still open and close them. This gives homeowners much more flexibility in the use of their window spaces. Interior shutters can help you regulate how much light comes in through the window, but you can also open them and open the windows to let some fresh air in on pleasant days. Then close them during inclement weather for increased insulation and privacy. Custom interior shutters on your windows are very adaptable to your needs.

Why Innuwindow is the best place for custom interior shutters in Boston

At Innuwindow, all interior shutters are custom! We are passionate about helping homeowners find the perfect solutions for their interior window designs. We offer hundreds of custom shutter designs and options that are both practical and long-lasting. Because the measuring and installation of interior shutters can be very tricky, we work closely with every homeowner to make their vision a reality. We have been installing interior shutters for a long time and know all the nuances! Contact us today to learn how Innuwindow can upgrade your windows and your home with custom interior shutters.