Tips for Incorporating Fall into your Home Décor

Fall has arrived. As the world gradually transitions into crisp colors of red, yellow, orange and brown, accenting your home with a similar color palette will help you get in the autumn mood. While decorations specific to Halloween and Thanksgiving can be fun, using festive fall flowers, textures, colors and pumpkins in your home will span the entire season. We’ve put together a list of ideas to help give your home fall personality.

  • Porch Décor- Adding personality to your home’s curb appeal by renovating the décor of the porch. Create a mini-pumpkin patch complete with hay and a scarecrow. A seasonal wreath can easily tie the décor together nicely.
  • Fall Fabric Facelift While bright floral fabrics work in your home during the warm summer days, updating your pillows, table runners, etc. will create depth in a room during autumn. Look for fabrics or pillows with more complex and heavier textures to capture the essence of fall.
  • Rustic Arrangements & Centerpieces Fall décor should create a rustic and welcoming atmosphere. Placing candles and seasonal arrangements in noticeable spots help capture the drama of autumn.Seasonal scents like pumpkin spice and cranberry establish a distinct fall aroma.
  • Fall Patterns and Colors on Curtains and More While sheer curtain panels can give your home a bright and airy feel in the summer, incorporating autumn pat
    terns and colors will create a warmer and more complex environment. Heavier drapes with deep fall colors will capture the personality of the season.
  • Fall Foliage for your Mantel Even if you do not have a mantel in your home you can still create this look by decorating a shelf. Incorporating rustic textures like burlap or warm wood will evoke the feeling of fall. Adding objects like leaves and small pumpkins creates character for your room.

The beauty of fall foliage can be easily incorporated into your home. Through textures, colors and scents, you can add personality to your home. Embracing the season through your home’s décor is a simple project that will create a warm and welcoming environment for family and friends.