The Modern Look of Solar Shades

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You may have heard of solar shades in the past, but today’s modern solar shades offer incredible benefits and decor for your home that far exceed their less stylish predecessors. Read on to discover the benefits of solar shades for windows as well as some surprising facts about them.

What are solar shades?

When you first think about solar shades for windows, perhaps you are imagining heavy, opaque, light-blocking window treatments. Modern solar shades are nothing like that. Solar shades are made of a special woven fabric mesh that makes them easy to see through during the day, maintaining your view and connection with the outdoors. They can be used alone or coupled with other drapery or valance treatments. And perhaps the best part about solar shades is that they offer many benefits in controlling light and heat in your home or office without sacrificing style.

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What are the Benefits of Solar Shades?

Solar shades for windows, as the name implies, are ideal for rooms and offices that get a lot of direct sunlight. The special fabrics used to construct solar shades block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. That means you won’t get a tan just sitting near your windows, and you can work or relax without distracting and uncomfortable glare. But there are other benefits to solar shades, too. Solar shades can help reduce the costs of cooling your home and protect your furniture as well, all while allowing you to enjoy your view of nature. And they are a chic alternative to light-blocking curtains, with many colors and styles to choose from.

Can you see in with Solar Shades?

One of the special attributes of solar shades is that during the day when there is natural light outside, you can see outside perfectly and people who are outside of your home cannot see in. This gives solar shades for windows a huge advantage over traditional light-blocking curtains if you want to enjoy the view outside of your home. On the other hand, at nighttime when you have the lights on, people who are outside your home can see in and you cannot see out. This is why people sometimes pair their solar shades with other drapery or valances to help maintain privacy at night.



Do Solar Shades keep the Heat Out?

Modern solar shades are constructed with special woven materials which are designed to keep light and heat out. By using solar shades for windows, you can block up to 99% percent of UV rays from entering your home and also reduce heat and the cost to cool your home. Not only is this cost-effective and healthier for your family, but it also makes your space more comfortable and enjoyable. And you can expect your beautiful solar shades for windows to last 15 to 20 years because the material that is used to make them is extremely resistant to wear and fading.

How do I Choose a Solar Shade?

Solar shades for windows are an excellent investment for people who wish to manage the heat and light that enters their home and enjoy the surrounding views unimpeded by heavy, opaque drapes. Finding the right type of solar shades for your space, budget, and style can be difficult when it seems there are so many choices. Quality solar shades are a must, and equally important is finding a trustworthy specialist who can guide you through the process of selecting solar shades that are the right fit for you.

When shopping for solar shades for windows, consider the openness factor of the shades. Openness refers to the tightness of the weave of the fabric, which affects the amount of light that is let into the room. A low openness factor from a tightly woven fabric means there will be less light allowed into the interior. Conversely, a high openness factor lets more light into the room because the weave of the fabric is not as tight. The experts at Innuwindow will help you find just what you need.

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Where to Buy Modern Solar Shades near Boston?

Innuwindow is a family-run business specializing in window treatment solutions and design. We have served the Boston area and beyond for nearly 30 years and are a multi-year winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Let us put our dedication and expertise to work to help you find the perfect solar shades for the windows in your home. Click here to contact our friendly, passionate, team of window treatment specialists!