Summer 2018 Home Decor Style Trends

The official start of summer is here, which means its time to brighten up those dark tones and give your home a subtle facelift. A few easy décor swaps and updates can transform your home into the relaxing oasis or calming cottage that you yearn for. Especially if you enjoy spending the season entertaining guests, incorporating the latest summer trends into your home’s décor is an easy way to impress.


Home design trends change rapidly so the trick is to incorporate them sparsely, making sure to focus on those that you can see yourself adopting for a more extended period of time. This way your décor will feel fresh for much longer. Here’s a list of our favorite trends for this summer and how you can easily incorporate them into your home.

Indoor Plants

Incorporating houseplants into your home’s décor is not only fashionable but it also provides health benefits and mood-boosting qualities. This is a really easy summer project to jump on board with – simply head to your local garden center or farmers market and get some stunning houseplants. Indoor plants work great in any room by increasing visual interest and adding life to the space. Use hanging plants on shelves or mantels or eye-catching leafy plants for empty corners and side tables.

Mixing Prints

While mixing prints is a movement that has been around for some time, it’s time to really embrace it this season. This is a fun effort that, when done correctly, can liven up a room without making it look out of  balance. Keeping to a clearly defined color scheme will help keep the mixed prints from competing with each other. An easy way to incorporate fun patterns is by adding window treatments, throw pillows and area rugs.

Incorporating Blues

One of the trendiest colors this summer is indigo blue. The idea of painting an entire room a deep shade of blue may seem like a big commitment. Instead, simply introduce the color in your design scheme in small detailed ways. Accessorize using indigo blue with flowers, vases, kitchen cabinets or even reupholstering furniture pieces.

A Bright Welcome

A brightly painted front door can boost your mood and increase your home’s curb appeal. Try painting your home’s entryway door a yellow, sage green or millennials pink to add pizzazz to your home’s exterior.

Motorized Skylight Shades

Skylight windows enhance the overall look of your home in a sophisticated fashion. Adding skylight motorized window shades to them is an affordable way to amplify your home’s beauty.  With motorized skylight shades, you can accent this eye-catching feature while effortlessly controlling sunlight that enters your home.

Floral Prints
Floral prints are trending right now and what better time to incorporate them into your home’s décor than summer. Adding a pretty pop of nature through floral prints can easily be done with throw pillows, shower curtains or even wallpaper. The best part about it is you won’t have to worry about keeping these flowers alive.

Does Your Home’s Decor Need a Refresh?

If you’re looking to brighten up your home décor’s but are unsure of where to start, contact our design specialists today or stop by our Natick showroom.