Reasons to Choose Motorized & Automated Shades in Boston

Motorized shades or automated shades are getting more and more popular, and with good reason. They offer convenience, comfort, security, and energy efficiency. From top down bottom up motorized shades, to automated blackout shades to the Skylift™ Skylight System, read on to discover why they are an elegant and practical choice for your Boston area home.

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The Benefits of Investing in Automated or Motorized Window Shades

Busy Boston-area residents don’t have the time to tangle with adjusting clunky window treatments. With motorized shades, you get the convenience of being able to control your shades with the touch of a button on a remote or smartphone, or with a command on your smart home system. They are great for hard-to-reach places and they operate remotely, which offers a big security benefit. Travelling outside of Boston? No one needs to know, because you can control your shades with your smartphone from a sandy beach half a world away. They are also safer for children and pets because they don’t require cords. Motorized shades are more energy-efficient, and some models can sense the amount of sunlight and adjust the level of light filtering through the shades accordingly. And to top it all off, motorized shades are stylish, with thousands of fabrics choices available.

How do Motorized Shades Work?

Motorized shades can be wired, wireless, or battery powered, and are quiet and easy to maintain. They work with a remote, smartphone app, or by command on your smart home system and are compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. With PowerView® Motorization, you can operate each window individually, by room, or by scene, so that you can create a custom schedule for a few or all windows at different times of the day. Our experienced team at Innuwindow will help you find the most beautiful motorized shades for your Boston-area home and have them installed quickly and efficiently.
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How Long do Motorized Shades Last?

The most exciting part of getting motorized shades is that you won’t have to shop for window treatments for your home again unless you really want to! Hunter Douglas motorized shades, with their gentle, remote operation and durable motors have an expected lifetime of more than ten years, with a battery life exceeding one year. In the past, you may have spent many hours trying to find the right window treatments and found yourself looking for new ones within a couple of years. Conversely, our high-quality Hunter Douglas motorized shades will last beautifully in your Boston-area home year after year.

Are Motorized Shades Worth it?

Once you make the decision to get motorized shades for your home, you will never look back. Like many investments in high quality items, you may question at first if you “need” them and if they are worth the cost. But when you add up all of the money and time spent purchasing window treatments only to be disappointed by their lack of function or style, you will realize that motorized shades quickly pay for themselves and are a great value over time. Innuwindow can help you make the transition to motorized shades in your Boston-area home quickly and easily with results you will be pleased with for years to come.
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What are the Best-Motorized Blinds?

The best-motorized blinds for your Boston-area home depend on location, style, degree of light-filtering needed, function, and personal taste. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas motorized shades come in many different styles and varieties, including automated blackout shades. For instance, designer screen shades are perfect for those concerned about limiting exposure to UV rays while maintaining their view of the outdoors. If you need automated blackout shades, then choose Hunter Douglas Lightlock™ Blackout Shade System. The Skylift™ Skylight System is perfect for adjusting the shades in skylights. And there are motorized shade options for sliding glass doors which operate side-to-side, top-down or bottom-up operation, or a combination, all with numerous fabric choices. The options are endless!

How Innuwindow can help you with Hunter Douglas Automated Shades in the Boston Area

Motorized shades or Automated shades have so many benefits and options, you may wonder how you will decide which ones are the right choice for your Boston-area home. Innuwindow’s experienced team of window design and installation specialists will give you the personalized attention and expertise you need to help you decide between motorized blackout shades, designer screen shades or something else – there are so many possibilities! Review our selection of high-quality Hunter Douglas motorized shades and contact us for a free consultation today!