Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating your home can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Many homeowners looking to decorate their living spaces turn to online resources like Pinterest for inspiration. However, with rapidly changing trends and an overload of opinions, it is easy to lose focus on your own vision. And decorating your home without a plan will very often leave you feeling unsatisfied. It is important to create a living space you truly enjoy. Without money in your budget for an interior designer, how exactly will you know what works and what falls short? We put together a list of the most common decorating mistakes homeowners make and solutions to help make the project easier.

Problem: Out of Place Themes

Your home should feel authentic and present a sense of who and where you are. If you decorate a room with one consistent pattern make sure it fits the environment and personality of the owner and locale. Otherwise it can become overwhelming and tacky.

Solution: Accent Piece

If you love a certain look or décor but it might seem out of place use small accents pieces to incorporate a sprinkle of the theme you enjoy. For example; if you own a mountain house but really enjoy beach décor, hang beach toned curtains instead of decorating the entire room with a beach theme.

Problem: Having Too Many Focal Points in a Room.

A room with too many focal points is busy and overwhelming for the eye.           

 Solution: Commit to One Focal Point

One of the most common mistakes in interior design is a lack of a distinct focal point. Every space needs a focal point, whether it’s the TV, fireplace, or a window. Your focal point should be whatever you enjoy most about the space.

Problem: Too Formal

Decorating a room in a very formal manner is not wrong, however, a room should be inviting and feel comfortable to live in.

 Solution: Inviting Yet Elegant

Make your home livable, welcoming and functional.   Few people have formal living and dining rooms they use on a regular basis. Go out of your way to furnish each room with inviting chairs, sofas, etc so that family members and guests will want to spend thime in them.


Purple Window Panels InnuwindowProblem: Fear of Color

Although many people enjoy color, they are too afraid to commit to their personal tastes and preferences for fear of making a mistake. Gray may be hot right now but using only neutral hues throughout your space will get dull very quickly.

Solution: A Splash of Color

Color doesn’t have to be overbearing in a room. By painting a wall or purchasing colored curtains, you can give any room some personality. Remember that if you don’t like it, you can always repaint the room and/or change your curtains.





Problem: Ignoring Windows 

Bare windows make a room feel uninviting and uncomfortable.

 Solution: Embrace Windows

Decorating with window treatments is the easiest way to add character and interest to any room. Hanging curtains two inches above the frame of a window is visually appealing and creates height in a room. For a simple look, installing a Roman shade will add color and interest while also providing privacy and insulation.

Finally, the most important rule when decorating your home is to choose what fits your personality and lifestyle. It is easy to get caught up trying to recreate someone else’s design choices. The easiest way to avoid decorating mistakes is by creating a vision for the room before you start. Your home should be welcoming, livable and unique to you.