Interior Design that Matches Your Personality

The secret to interior design is capturing your inner personality and character within the décor of your home. Your home is where you spend a great deal of time and should be a place of comfort and relaxation. For this reason, your living space should adequately reflect your unique traits, interests and qualities. But how exactly do you know what style or design scheme embodies your persona?

Home Interior Design

As you search through decorating magazines for ideas or inspirations, you may find that you are attracted to a variety of designs that perhaps share similar themes. Whether you are a modernist, minimalist, eclectic, industrial, etc., your home is your own personal canvas.

Learn more about each style and the connection to personality types to ultimately gather ideas and solutions for your own living space.


You are: Friendly, Stylish Yet Functional, Interested in Culture and Elegant.

Scandinavian design is simple and uncomplicated, but doesn’t skimp on style and comfort. The core themes of this design movement are simplicity, functionality and minimalism for all, not just the wealthy. Color schemes for Scandinavian design tend to be whitewashed and timber tones.


You are: Introverted, a Perfectionist, Organized, Methodical and Efficient.

Less is more. Minimalism design utilizes pared-down aesthetic design elements. The overall concept of minimalism is to strip everything down to its most simplistic qualities.

Modern country

You are: Lively, Trendy yet Classic, Chic and Sophisticated

Modern country design embraces rustics aesthetics in a trendy yet classic way. The core themes of this design style is an emphasis on chic, sophisticated yet relaxing flairs.


You are: Noble, Poised, Graceful, Elegant and Balanced

Classicism in interior design embraces traditional yet timeless and elegant décor. A style manifested from 17th century Europe, classic design embraces history and heritage. The color scheme for classical design interior typically utilizes calm, neutral tones like olive, beige cream and gold.


You are: Organized, Professional, No-Frills and Driven

Modern design can be described as sleek, spacious, simple, and focused on function and organization. It embraces clean architectural lines and cubist forms. Most often sticking to pure colors like black, white, and neutrals with vibrant primary colors as accents.

Shabby Chic

You are: Social, Artistic, Charismatic and Outdoorsy

Shabby chic design can be described as in elegant in a creative, fresh way. The core theme of this style is breathing new life into pieces of furniture while embracing color and finishes.