Fabrics Are The Foundation of Window Treatments Projects

Fabrics are the starting point for many design projects. Let the color, pattern, and texture of your fabric be your inspiration! Innuwindow has a huge selection of home fashion fabrics to help you get started redesigning your window treatments, your upholstery, and more!
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What Kinds of Fabrics can be used for Window Treatments?

Fabrics come in many textures, patterns, colors, and sheens, with varying thickness and overall feel. Each gives your room a different look and finish. The designers at Innuwindow can help narrow down all of the choices! The following are some fabrics to consider that may work well for your window treatments.

  • Cotton: Cotton is eco-friendly and comes in a wide variety of prints and colors. Cotton fabrics allow sunlight to easily filter into the room. Most varieties of cotton are easy to clean.
  • Linen: Also eco-friendly but a more formal fabric choice, with a variety of textures to choose from. Linen resists dirt, stains, and insect-damage.
  • Polyester: There are many styles to choose from for this long-lasting fabric. Polyester is versatile in that it can blend in with a solid color or stand out with a pattern.
  • Silk: This delicate fabric creates an elegant look with its lustrous sheen.

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What Fabric is Used to Make Curtains?

When considering a fabric, first decide if the style of the room is formal or casual. One of the best ways to find out which fabric is best for your window treatment is to hold the fabric sample up to a window to see how it filters light. Rest assured, there are lots of fabric choices! Here are some characteristics and uses for common household fabrics.


  • Cotton: A clean and crisp look that goes well with traditional or modern styles
  • Silk: Formal looking and ideal in bedrooms or formal dining rooms
  • Linen: Natural and creates an airy relaxed look.
  • Polyester: Most common because it’s durable, affordable, easy to care for, and doesn’t wrinkle or shrink. Ideal for bedroom and living areas. Avoid in the kitchen because it’s flammable and absorbs odors.
  • Velvet: A glamorous and regal look. Thick, heavy material that blocks out cold air, light, and sound.
  • Acrylic: Lightweight fabric that drapes beautifully and provides great insulation.
  • Rayon: Soft, strong, and breathable, and available in a variety of textures.
  • Brocade: Elaborately woven fabric that provides a very sophisticated look.
  • Lace: Comes in neutral colors and very traditional. Provides privacy and diffuses natural light.
  • Voile: A crisp, open weave that drapes beautifully and creates an airy look.

What are the Best Kind of Fabrics for Window Treatments for Bedrooms?

During the day, you want your bedroom windows to allow natural light to come in, but in the evening, you want to block external light and noise and provide privacy. Here are a few popular fabric choices for window treatments:

  • Lined Draperies: Great at blocking noise and light because of the added layer of insulation. This style opens and closes very easily. These are ideal if you like the style of long flowing drapes.
  • Roman Shades: Offers a variety of styles and opacities. They create a beautiful border to your window when they are open. When closed, they will block most of the light and give you privacy.
  • Cellular Shades: These come in a wide variety of styles, colors, textures, and fabrics. You can choose options ranging from sheer to light filtering to room darkening.

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How Can Innuwindow Help You Get Your Project Started?

Innuwindow offers free consultations in-home, in-store, or virtually. Our friendly and talented staff will help you take your inspiration fabric and turn it into the perfect window design. We have a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from to complement any room in your home or office. We are a family-run business and we are proud of our thirty years of experience in home decor. Contact Innuwindow today and come see the top fabric window treatments in Boston.