Fabric Roman Shades of All Types at Innuwindow!

roman shade ballonsFabric Roman shades are the perfect addition to any home. Like many shades, Roman shades can block out the bright sun and help cool down your home, but there are many more benefits to Roman shades.

What are the Different Style Options for Fabric Roman Shades?

Innuwindow offers four different styles of fabric Roman shades: Classic, Relaxed, Hobbled, Knife Pleat, Ribbed Pleat, and London.

  • Classic Roman – These Roman shades are ideal for those who love simplicity. They are great for windows where you intend on opening or closing the shade frequently. These shades look great with most fabrics and patterns.
  • Relaxed Roman – Very similar to the classic Roman shade, but with a gentle “smile” at the bottom.
  • Hobbled Roman Shade – A classic roman shade that is fuller. There is the excess fabric between the pleats that keeps the folds when lowered. These shades use more fabric than the classic
  • Knife Pleat Shade – A dowel is stitched in the back of the shade that creates seams in the front.
  • Ribbed Pleat Shade This shade is the opposite of the knife pleat shade. A seam is placed in the front of the shade where the dowel makes a pleat.
  • London Roman Shade – A traditional fuller shade that has two inverted pleats 6” to 8”. This shade is not recommended for opening and closing frequently.

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What are the Advantages of Roman Shades?

There are many benefits to Roman Shades. Perhaps most importantly, fabric Roman shades are extremely customizable and highly versatile. Roman shades can be made from countless types of fabric and materials, ranging in any spectrum of colors. They can be made to fit just about any window in your home. Not only do they add personality to a room, but they are also quite functional, as they can help keep sunlight out and cool your home. Using fabric Roman shades to block out sunlight can also minimize fading and sun damages on your furniture, floors, and walls. All shades can be lined with blackout lining. And lastly, because they are so simple to use, you can easily raise and lower Roman shades to let the sun in whenever you want.

What is the Best Fabric for Roman shades?

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Fabric Roman shades are ideal for blocking out harsh sun rays. As a result, it’s best to look for fabrics that are thick and have some weight to them. Many linens and organic fabrics, such as cotton, make excellent choices for Roman shades. Steer clear from shear or lacy fabrics, or fabrics that are exceedingly heavy, such as velvet and damask.

Do Roman shades Look Better Inside or Outside Mount?

Fabric Roman shades can look amazing mounted either inside or outside the window frame, though there are certain scenarios where one style might look better than another. Outside mount Roman shades can make your windows appear larger, make your ceiling appear higher, and can cover undesirable window trim. They are also better at blocking out light if that is an important feature that you are looking for. On the other hand, inside-mounted Roman shades offer a more minimalistic style. They are great for areas where you may have several smaller windows, as they won’t overcrowd the windows and overwhelm your wall space. If the room you’re looking to embellish has a unique wall feature, such as exposed brick or natural wood, inside mounted Roman shades are another great option to avoid covering up those beautiful characteristics.

Innuwindow is the Best Place for Customized Fabric Roman Shades in the Boston Area!

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Roman shades are one of the most common forms of window treatments, yet with so many styles, sizes, colors, and design options, every Roman shade is undeniably unique. At Innuwindow, we approach each home with an open mind and creative expertise that allows us to help you navigate through your options and find a fabric Roman shade design that elevates your home to the next level. For those in the Boston area looking to upgrade their windows with beautiful, fully customized fabric Roman shades contact Innuwindow today to learn more about how we can help you!