Everything You Need to Know About Window Treatments for Nurseries

Decorating a baby’s nursery is an exciting time for most parents-to-be as you are creating the space for your child to rest, play, and grow. While you may find yourself getting caught up in the color palette, theme, crib choices, etc., make sure you don’t forget about the windows!  Just like with any other room in your home, choosing the right window treatment for a nursery can instantly transform the space. However, for nurseries, the right window treatment can also protect your baby. To help you make a sound decision, here are some nursery window treatment ideas and tips for giving your baby the best.

  • Avoid floor-length nursery draperies– Once your child gets moving, floor-length draperies in a nursery can be hazardous when little ones pull or climb on them. It’s best to keep all nursery draperies short and out of reach.
  • Consider valancesFabric valances are a simple window treatment solution that can soften the appearance of blinds and add color and texture to the nursery’s design while staying out of the reach of toddlers on the move.
  • Use your window treatments to enhance the nursery’s theme– For example, If you are working with a nautical theme, consider incorporating panels with anchors or using a cotton rope as a tie back to help the window treatments enhance the décor.
  • Make sure that your window treatments are properly installed– Window treatments and rods can be dangerous if they fall.  To prevent any potential injuries, it’s crucial that all window treatment hardware is properly installed directly into the wall. Avoid using tension rods as they can easily collapse.
  • Avoid window treatments with beaded decorations, cording or other embellishments– While these decorative items may look great, if they become loose, they are a potential choking hazard for small children. If you’re looking for fun toddler proof alternatives to decorative embellishments, opt for fun prints, patterns, textures or embroideries instead.
  • Childproof your blinds and shades– Window treatment options with long, exposed cords are strangulation hazards for small children. If you choose to install blinds or shades, be sure to purchase child-safe cordless blinds or shades.
  • Install double-lined, insulated drapes or shadesOverheating is a known risk factor associated with SIDS, therefore it’s important to make sure your nursery is cool and well-circulated. Even if your nursery may seem cool during the day, it’s a good idea to install insulated or double-lined window treatments to help reflect the sun’s heat during afternoon naps.

When you’re expecting and planning for your new addition, you may quickly become overwhelmed with all the important decisions there are to make for your little one. Let us help you choose the best window treatments for your nursery. Contact us today or stop by our Natick showroom to discuss the best window treatment options to ensure your baby’s beginning is safe and stylish.