Current Trends in Window Treatments

Deciding on new window treatments often turns into a design challenge. Avoid the stress and hassle by learning about what you really want and need from a window treatment. If it’s time to shed some new light on your home or you are starting from scratch, we’ve put together a list of the current window treatment trends to give you a start in the right direction.

Window Treatments

1. Organic Materials

Eco-friendly and organic materials are trendy right now, and it’s no different for window treatments. Bamboo is a popular fabric choice for shades because of its ability it to let in diffused light while still protecting your privacy. Bamboo shades are a great fit for any room’s décor.

2. Wider Drapes

A current trend is to make your windows look wider by installing your drapery rods and panels so they extend beyond your windows.   You can use multiple panels on each side to keep the treatment from looking too skimpy.

3. Custom Interior Shutters

Shutters aren’t just for the exterior of your home; custom interior shutters are one of the most popular trends in window treatments right now. Custom interior shutters can lend a traditional look with very little effort while adding value to your home. They also are a great choice for light control and energy efficiency.

4. Roman Shades

Roman shades have always been a favorite for a variety of decorating styles from classic to contemporary. Their flat surfaces and clean lines make them eye-catching while making a dramatic impact on the appearance of your windows.

5. Updated Sheers

Sheers still remain a popular choice for windows. They add a decorative touch to any room while filtering out just the right amount of light. Sheer curtains are great for the summertime and will instantly brighten up any room.

Update Your Current Window Treatment

At Innuwindow, we offer a wide variety of custom and readymade window treatments, including classic looks and cutting-edge trends. If you are looking to make a change in your home’s décor and are in the market for new window treatments, contact our designers today!