Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Doors

Sliding and french doors, or doors with windows, can showcase great views while allowing natural light to enter a home. Unfortunately they also can lead to less privacy for your home than you desire. While window treatments for doors are a simple solution to this issue, deciding on which treatment is best for your doors can be overwhelming. Learn more about choosing, measuring and hanging the best window treatments for your doors today from the experts at Innuwindow!

Choosing a Window Treatment for French Doors

Enhance the beauty of your French doors and the room’s decor by matching your French doors’ window treatment with other window treatments in the room. One of the most common problems when treating Sliding and French doors is that their handles and locks get in the way of the window treatment’s functionality, especially when considering blinds. There are many solutions to this problem. One might be to choose shallow blinds or window treatments that can comfortably fit between the door and its handle. Many treatments also can mount on the frame of the opening.

What are the Best Window Treatments for French Doors?

With French doors, there’s typically a 1” clearance that most 1” blinds, roller shades and honeycomb shades can comfortably fit behind the handle without interrupting functionality. The best window treatments for your French doors depends on the amount of light you want to let in. If you are looking to be able to block out light completely, the best options are blackout roller shades or honeycomb shades. If you prefer some natural light to be able to come through, blinds or light filtering shades are better options.

Choosing Window Treatment for Sliding Doors

When choosing window treatments for sliding doors, it’s a good idea to coordinate the window treatment with other windows in the room. Just like any door in your home, sliding doors are typically high traffic areas. Therefore, it’s important to consider window treatments that can handle daily use.

What are the Best Window Treatments for Sliding Doors?

Since sliding doors open vertically, it’s recommended that their window treatments should open in the same direction as the door. Our suggestion for window treatments for sliding doors are:

  • Sliding Panels- Popular choice with a variety of fabrics, styles, and materials
  • Vertical Blinds– Offers light control
  • Vertical Cellular Shades- Offers energy efficiency

How Do You Measure for Window Treatments for a Door?

Measuring for window treatments for doors is similar to measuring for any regular shaped window.

  • If your door has a window molding, leave enough space both above and below the glass so the blinds can properly operate. As mounting hardware isn’t installed into the glass section, you’ll need to add proper clearance for the installation on top. You should add just a few inches to the height to allow for extra space for the hold down brackets below the glass.
  • If your door has a bullnose molding, it’s recommended to measure from the outside edge to outside edge of the window trim as it will provide the best coverage of your window.
  • If your door does not have molding around it:
    • Add approximately ½” to ¾” to the width, making sure to not interfere with the handles or locks.
    • For height, add 2” to the top and ½” to the bottom for the installation hardware and bottom hold down brackets.

If you are ready to get started creating custom window treatments for your doors, contact Innuwindow design specialists today!