Blackout and Room Darkening Window Shade

What Are the Best Kinds of Blackout and Room Darkening Window Shades?

The best blackout and room darkening window shades are the ones that work. Many shades that are marketed as blackout shades do not eliminate all the light from coming into your home but merely filter a fraction of it. High-quality blackout shades are designed to reduce the spaces through which light can enter, have completely opaque fabric, and also insulate against cold and heat. The new Duette Honeycomb shades with Light Lock trap in pockets for insulation. The fabric has patent-pending technology that has U-shaped overlapping side channels on the front and back of the shades. These side channels each have microridges that absorb/reflect light, making these shades better at blocking light than other room darkening shades.

What Is the Difference Between Blackout and Room Darkening Window Shades?

Blackout Shade

Not all room darkening window shades are created equal.  Depending on the color and type of fabric used, shades let in various amounts of light.  The more sheer the fabric, the more light the shades will let in. Opaque fabrics will almost eliminate the amount of light coming in.  Most shades can drastically filter the light from entering your home, but not totally. Blackout shades are specially designed to maximize light-blocking properties.  They have removed gaps in which light may enter like seams and fabric holes. The Duette LightLock system in particular uses a patent-pending technology that prevents light from entering the room via micro ridges that absorb light.  

Do Blackout Shades Work?

Duette Honeycomb shades with Lightlock really work!  They prevent light from entering your home with their unique side channel microridge design and provide insulation with the classic honeycomb structure. If you are a shift worker, or have a new baby, these shades are essential to getting a restful sleep at any time of day.  The Duette Honeycomb shades with Lightlock offer you 100% total darkness- true blackout shades!

How Much Do Blackout and Room Darkening Window Shades Cost?

Blackout and room darkening window shade pricing varies based on window size and material used.  Innuwindow can price shades if you provide us with the necessary measurements. This price can obviously add up, so it’s important to choose shades that are proven to be blackout shades. If you invest in true blackout shades, you can reduce your energy bill by making your home more insulated and make your purchase worthwhile. With the Duette Honeycomb shades, you do not have to compromise fashion or ruin your home decor to get the blackout quality you desire. The fabric comes in a variety of colors to match your home furnishes and wall color. In addition to Light lock technology, the Duette Honeycomb shades can come with the LiteRise and PowerView motorization. Check out these room darkening window shades and blackout shades and contact us for a quote.