Accessorize Your Space Like a Pro

Your living space should provide a welcoming and comforting atmosphere that reflects your personality. Whether you are moving into a new space or looking to redecorate a room on a budget, accessorizing is a quick and simple way to spruce up any room. Liven up any room and transform any space in to one that you love and take pride in.

A simple way to start is with an object that you really love and brings you joy. From here, you can begin choosing other accessories that accent and are complementary to that piece. You will be much happier with the final outcome when you center the room on a loved object.

An inexpensive way to freshen up any space is by adding pillows. Pillows are an easy way to incorporate a pattern or texture, while adding comfort with little effort. In fact, they are a simple way to reflect the different seasons through your décor. Using lighter colors for spring and summer or warmer colors for the fall and winter can bring any room to life. To truely make the room yours try designing your very own custom pillows.

Rugs, though often forgotten about, are a perfect opportunity to add personality to a space while tying each piece together in to a cohesive unit. Accessorize any room like a pro by adding a rug that has a pattern or splash of color. Area rugs can create intimate and welcoming spaces, particularly in very large rooms with lots of open space.

With accessories, you can make any space visually appealing. Simply arranging your accessories in groups, rather than spreading them evenly around a room, is appealing the eye. Considering a balance of an object’s height and weight adds visual interest. Adding dimension to the symmetry, through framed mirrors, will enhance a room. Be sure to place your framed mirrors to reflect something you enjoy.

A simple way to add height to a room is through any window. Trick the eye by creating height with the right window treatment. Hanging panels higher than the frame of your window will make any space feel as though it has more height than it really does.

Accessories are the perfect way to introduce bold colors or patterns into your room without committing long-term to them. Bold colors can be incorporated into a space through pillows, drapery, bedding, or an object. This is a great way to add personality to any space.

Decorating your living space should not be an overwhelming task. Create a space that is inviting and reflects your personality. Accessorizing like a professional can be simple if you build around object, colors, or patterns you enjoy. If you still need help, try contacting one of our decorating consultants for advice and professional guidance.