5 Surprising Benefits of Banded Zebra Shades

Named for their stripes, they have many different titles—banded shaded, zebra blinds or zebra shades, to give a few—these window coverings are an elegant way to filter natural light. Comprised of horizontal interchanging sheer and opaque fabrics, banded zebra shades allow for privacy and light without completely blocking the view.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades near Natick, Massachusetts (MA)

At Innuwindow, located in Natick, MA in the Boston Metropolitan area, you will find a vast assortment of shades to compliment your décor and let the light in and out from day to night. Here are some reasons why we believe banded shades are an interesting choice for an updated twist as a blind and shade hybrid for spring, summer, and all year long!

Added Ambiance

Banded shades offer a modern and classic look at the window for any room in the home—both subtle, like a blind, and easy to use, like a shade, they help to create a soothing ambiance in any room. With their installation, you won’t require a valance for their use. Whether you live in a mid-century rambler, a three-story Victorian, or a modern automated home, banded zebra shades add beauty to any style. You can select from a variety of textures, fabrics, and colors that will enhance your windows and add overall beauty to your home.

Enjoy Privacy

Along with their aesthetic appeal, zebra blinds offer complete privacy. The sheer and solid panels can easily be positioned closed so that you can look out but others cannot look in, adding another layer of security. If you want complete privacy, the slats can be transitioned to offer complete blackout for movie nights, romantic nights, and those “keep the world away” nights.

User Friendly

Banded shades are super easy to operate manually, but since they also can be motorized, this gives you complete control of up to six your windows with one Pebble® remote control.

Plus, automate with PowerView® Automation and use voice control with your smart home device and adjust your blinds from wherever you are with your smartphone device and the PowerView® app! You can operate the blinds window by window or all at once, instantly maneuvering the filter of light.

Energy Efficiency

During the cold winter months and the hot summer days, banded shades provide additional insulation to your interiors. Since they fit tightly within the window frame, they block the hot or cold air from streaming in. Their layers of fabric make them more energy efficient than other window treatments. And, yes, they can even help to lower your electric bill!

Built To Last

Hunter Douglas roller shades are built to last, made from the high-quality materials sourced from all over the world. These banded shades are made custom made to order, not like other roller shades from the box. Plus, the award-winning technology used in generation three of PowerView® Automation is stellar in performance and removes the need for wands, chains, and cords, making them not only durable and energy efficient but safer for kids and pets.

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